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May 8th 2008
Published: May 8th 2008
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Just had one of the most amazing days of the whole adventure. It started with one of the better breakfasts ive had in europe. I hit the train station and found a really cheap train out of town. Walked the whole tourist street made my way up all the way to the old castle and palace. This was some pretty amazing stuff. THE CATHEDRAL, situated at the highest point was unbelievable. Gothic stone works and medievil gargoles sprung from every corner. the interior ceiling must have been 80' high, with sistine chapel style mosaics all over it. Giant alters both top and bottom and a pipe organ that streached all of the 80' to the ceiling. Tons of statues, freizes and reliefs covering colums, pillars, alters, and balconies. And some serious stained glass windows to put any church to shame. Surrounding the cathedral was the old castle. Towers, ramparts, and walls every where i looked. and then the palace. Statues covered in gold. Collossal stair cases all around, and some really beautiful gardens. Taken as a whole it was the most impressive structure ive every seen. I think it will be hard for any country to top this experiance i had here in prague. the shear volume of statues and spires coupled with the insane attention to detail makes this city the highlight of the tour so far.
Now. ive been having trouble getting pictures onto the web. im going to attempt it now so i may either end up putting every picture ive taken on, just the ones from prague, or none at all. so here we go.
talk more soon'bobby


9th May 2008

Hey Bob, I like the idea of this blog. Your dad and I check it out each morning with our coffee--BREAKFAST WITH BOBBY!!!! Hope you get the picture problem solved. Sounds like you're having a great trip. ENJOY
11th May 2008

Happy Mothers Day
Just wanted to say happy mothers day. hope all is going well. i finally got the pictures sorted out, so you can go back to the blog entries and see some of the pictures. i took alot more but its tough to upload them. everything is going great. i hope you have a happy mothers day. love bobby

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