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December 31st 2007
Published: December 31st 2007
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Welcome to the last entry of 2007....welcome to Prague, a trip that I should have taken long time ago.
Took the night train from Krakow, the easiest way to avoid to have to go around Europe just to link 2 cities.
Years back, I did a lot of travelling by train around Europe...another budget...but great souvenirs. This
time was way more comfortable, single cabin, bed, all this to make sure I had a proper night of sleep
and arrived fresh in Prague.

I'm tempted to usual, the weather is gorgeous, just look at the pictures. Yes planing great
weather is a full aspect of a nice trip! And this time again, great sun...and not even below zero...well...not
all the time.

So 2 days in Prague. On my first day...because you don't want to play too lucky on the weather, I visited all
the main sites...Charles bridge, the Old Town, Stanislas Square and the Castle. And yes, I can confirm it,
Prague is an amazing city....and you also need to like to have a good walk!

Krakow was empty two days ago...but Prague is packed with tourists...most of the locals must have run away, because
I don't know how they can survive surrounded by so many tourists.

Another great thing of this city, it's very easy to find great food..and when I've got great food...I'm a
happy man. First evening I met my friend Mike...will see you again in a few weeks times in Buenos Aires my
friend...if you are wondering, yes it's a small world!

So on my second day, sun was still there...normal I'm tempted to say. So walked around, get lost on purpose,
all this for the simple pleasure of discovery. You add to the sun some vey good food, a great nice suite for my last
little luxury stay of the year...and it was another great city done off my wishlist!

This is the last entry of 2007. Yes, we are ready for 2008! Think about this, I started this blog back in April!
What a year! Nearly a year ago, when I knew Leslie would join me, I said to all of my friends...guys, jumping
around the world is over...guess what! I was wrong. 10 weeks after Leslie arrived, I had the shock to discover
that my fiancee was no more than a gold-digger...once that was away...with much suffering I must admit, I've
finally been able to get back on what I, friends, travel...simple! And since then...the sky is
now again the only limit!

Wishes for 2008! Simple, let's continue the fun! But most importantly, I wish one of my great friend to be
very soon back on your feet...because without health, it's not that easy to have fun! And for Tiffany joining
Leslie in Shanghai, well, let's not waste a wish, this won't happen before the end of 2009! But as I say,
when I look at the year back, I don't think I could have predicted what happened the last 12 one
word...Carpe Diem! and Happy New Year 2008!

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