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October 6th 2007
Published: October 6th 2007
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As I was killing time waiting for my overnight train to leave for Prague, a group of Italian guys walked into my hotel lobby bar in Munich - intent on having the best time ever! My kind of people! Immediately, one of them busts out a shiny sparkly blue accordion and starts playing all sorts of crazy music! His friends started singing at the top of their lungs and clapping, twirling, dancing around! Of course I had to get in on the action, so even though they didn’t speak a lick of English, we became good friends and I had a great time dancing and singing with these guys for about an hour! People were stopping outside and watching us through the windows .. wondering .. what are those people so happy about!?! It was awesome! The overnight train was very interesting for someone of my height - I barely fit in the compact sleeping compartment, and had the very tip top 3rd row bunk! (Well, I was nice and switched the bottom with the old lady.) I barely slept at all, but it was a pleasure to wake up in a new country!

I was really looking forward to Prague, since everyone always says it’s their favorite! It was amazing, for a large city, it actually felt very relaxed and sleepy! The buildings were very old world, castle-like, and of an era long gone. Every time I turned a corner I was amazed at the detail in sculpture on each building corner or windowsill! They were all so individual - different types of statues, different colors, and amazing personality! I rented a room in an apartment near the river, and was very centrally located to all that is fun! I immediately went to the Prague castle - listed as a must see in every guide and the dominating, inviting view across the river! On my way there, I was distracted by a plethora of souvenir shops and art galleries. The artists in this town are absolutely the most talented I’ve ever seen! Art for sale on the Charles Bridge varied from pencil sketches, oil paints, watercolors, and even wood work - each more impressive than the last! I was also super impressed with the glass/crystal on display in each of the windows….oh what I would’ve bought if I didn’t have 5 months to go! I also stopped to grab my first Czech meal - Beef Goulash! I had no idea what goulash was, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was beef stew, minus all other ingredients besides the beef! It was served with bread dumplings, which were a delicious addition to the stew. YUM!

I toured around the castle a bit, then got a message from some fun Australian girls - Asha and Lauren that I met at Oktoberfest - they were in Prague at the castle!?! Awesome!!! Our first stop was the oldest pub in Prague, opened in 1445!!! That’s before Columbus discovered America! Unbelievable! It was super dungeon-like and made for a very good time! We had a blast touring around the city, eating more great food, and finally going to the “largest dance club in central Europe!” Which was ironic, as Asha pointed out we weren’t really in central Europe. But it had 5 dance floors, including a techno room with a giant robot shooting lasers out from under the DJ and onto the dance floor! Yeah! We danced the night away, and as we left at about 3:30am, there was still a line out the door!

The next day, we were on a mission to go the Labyrinth of Mirrors, which was in a castle on top of the hill across town. We got to take a fun cable car up the hill (as we were laughing at the suckers walking up…) and come to find a gorgeous rose garden and huge park on the top! We found the Labyrinth pretty easily, come to think of it, we found our way out of the Labyrinth pretty easily too. It took maybe, I don’t know, 2.4 minutes! Oh well, there was a room with funny mirrors so we had a good laugh! We spent the afternoon taking in the amazing view and exploring the rest of the park on our way down. We grabbed dinner and then headed off to a black light theater show! Supposedly, black light theater was invented in Czech Republic, and there were about 5 shows to choose from….we choose the one we could find on a map. The first half was pretty cool and clever - - especially enjoyed the floating white gloved hands dancing around the stage and the enormous white sheeted giants with gnome faces that were dancing around! The story was to be an interpretation of alice in wonderland, and they also had a backdrop of super fun twirling neon glowing buildings! But....after the intermission the curtains opened to two naked ladies (with nude colored panties, but still) feeling eachother up and dancing around! Then the naked lead lady was dancing around with a piece of fabric for like 20 minutes pretending it was a wedding dress, then a baby, and who knows what else!?! Me and the girls just kept looking at eachother like, WHAT?!?! It didn't even really utilize black light! Wow...that's some artistry for you!!

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my discos balls are also art!my discos balls are also art!
my discos balls are also art!

can u spot the fun i left behind?

9th November 2007

disco ball!
hehehe what a cute little disco ball!!

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