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March 31st 2007
Published: March 31st 2007
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Well, if its even possible I think Prague is more beautiful than Budapest. Its possibly even the most beautiful city I have ever been to. Its pretty touristy though, the old town is overrun by people and souvenir markets and food stalls. I think that has a lot to do with it being Easter though, and theres some kind of festival on, with music playing on a stage in the old town square.

Kind of expensive after the places Ive been - the beer is only about the same as what I have been paying, which I was kinda surprised about, seeing as its supposed to be the cheapest beer in Europe. Admittedly though I havent ventured far outside the main tourist area as much as usual, because theres just so many cool bars around, i dont know how long it would take you to get around them all, but a veeeeeery long time (i begin to see why so many foreigners move here to study or study to teach english. theres quite a big expat community here). Yeah theres not terribly much to do during the day, once Id run into most of the sights I ended up going up to the park on the hill quite a bit and just hanging out looking at the city. the old town is pretty compact, but its amazingly beautiful, so much different architecture, some famous buildings too.

Kinda funny- one of the main tourist attractions is the big astronomical clock on the old town square, it was hilarious! I went and took photos of all the people taking photos of the clock and cheering when it struck the hour. Its nice, but it just strikes me as funny that people come so far to see that, when there are millions of clocks around europe that are just as cool, with little dancing statues or whatever.

photos to come...

They have the biggest club in central Europe here in prague, its 5 storeys, each playing different music, and the place is frequented by all sorts of people, from 13 year olds to old people, goths, rockers, poppers, all sorts. Theres also a place on the island (maybe this is where the cheapest beer comes in) where girls apparently pay about nz$18 to get in and guys pay about $23, but then drinks are free!


6th April 2007

Head out!
Hey Em. a) In the Budapest blog, Who is we? b) in Prague (your prob not there still but oh well) all you have to do is venture a few blocks from the big tourist areas and youll find cheap beer. I got a litre bottle of Pilsner Urquell for a pound.. its great.. Have a good rest of trip
8th April 2007

Clock Watcher - Bet you still took a photo of the clock :>
Hey Em, Sounds like your continuing to have a blast. Well my Holiday has come to a close and I have moved into a place in London. I start looking for work next week. Enjoy the rest of your trip, and I hope you don't miss the "Annoying Teasing Aussies" too much. PS. Have you had any more evil beer anywhere as we need a heads up. Rohan
11th April 2007

Yup, several, not sure if they'll make it onto my cd's though...
hows london? as bad as everyone says??? good luck finding a job, must have been nice to unpack all your stuff, wash it, and give it a real home! i start back in about 2 weeks as well eek. china is my new favourite destination, its awesome ( blog to come!)!!! No more evil beer, but i didnt find that cheapest beer in europe in praha, obviously didnt venture outside the centre far enough. although i dont know that bosnia beer can really be called cheaper as im not entirely sure it counts as beer (for aforementioned reason). I have also replaced you two annoying teasing aussies with two annoying teasing germans, who even laugh at my comebacks, so im in a bit of a fix. ah that nz accent, so good to travel on! everyone loves to meet me because im from there, but when i try to say something i always have to write it down, and then they understand.
11th April 2007

bit of a nomad myself
a. answer changes from night to night, but usually people from the hostel b. yeah the beer is still unbeleivably cheap, but ive had cheaper in my trip, so i obviously didnt find the cheapest beer in europe.

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