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February 16th 2007
Published: February 16th 2007
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Sparta vs. MountviewSparta vs. MountviewSparta vs. Mountview

We could see the whole surface really clearly. Just as good as on TV!
Tonight, Derek and I went to the long awaited Czech hockey game, and had a pretty darn good time. It was no NHL game in level of play or level of financing, but at least we could afford to attend (unlike any NHL game). We were up in the balcony, but that was just fine for me because we had a great view of the whole ice surface and it really wasn't that far away.

The game was pretty close. In the first, Sparta (our team) and Mountview (the opposition) were tied 1-1 after a period of equally poor play and extremely sloppy passes. I wasn't very impressed. But both teams really picked it up in the second, particularly Sparta, who finished the period with a 5-1 lead. They really let things slide in the last, however, and barely scrapped the 6-5 victory together at the end. Mountview's last goal came 30 seconds before the buzzer.

Play was pretty different from the NHL. There were barely any penalties and only like 4 hits the whole game. The penalties were such non-events that twice I didn't even realize there was a man short until a whistle when I happened to

After the handshakes, the Sparta did a lap around the ring where they all clapped at the fans, which was really nice. Then then did this weird chant thing in the middle then all dove and slid on their stomachs towards the boards in kind of a starburst pattern. Not too sure what that was about
glance at the box and see someone in it. I guess it's because the ice surface is so big or something that they are just always so spread out, one less doesn't matter as much.



I just finished a huge entry where I went in to detail about the fans and the post game and my plans for the next little while and this big ordeal we're going to have with travel tomorrow, and then when I hit "publish" it only saved the few paragraphs you see above. Why? Why would you do that to me, travelblog? There is NO reason for all that to have disappeared. Honestly, I am so incredibly frustrated and I do not have the patience to type that all out again. Grrr. Not funny.

The synoposis:
--Fans of game were great, very loud and rowdy and colourful
--Post-game celebration spilled into metro station, which was very rowdy and complete with riot police in full gear
--Fans took over subway train and practically rocked it off the tracks with their jumping and banging (OK, maybe a slight exageration tomorrow)

--Derek and I have a 14 hour train
The Riot PoliceThe Riot PoliceThe Riot Police

The first metro had already left so the "mob" was considerably less at this point. The police are the guys with shiny helmets
ride tomorrow with 3 tranfers to see our friend Phoebe, who waited until this moment tonight at the absolute 11th hour to reveal the rather crucial information that she doesn't actually live IN Amsterdaam, but rather 3 hours away in Maastricht at the complete opposite end of the country. Ohhhh Phoebe. I knew you were scatterbrained, but we really did need this important info. It should work out, though. Hopefully. Wish us luck.

Stupid internet. Although, I miss its free-ness already.


17th February 2007

Jess the Brave One
Do you know that children's book? I just wanted to remind you how much those of us who know (and love) you enjoy your fabulous travelogue. You are so full of life! Your voice comes through in every entry - funny, free-spirited, full of curiosity. Bring on the questionable wine, the riot police, the strudel stealer - "I'm not afraid, I'm Canadian!" You make us smile.
20th February 2007

Hockey and blimps just naturally go together ;) The Canucks have a flying whale. Sounds like a Salmon Kings game. Always a good time.

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