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August 12th 2006
Published: October 1st 2017
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We had heard, yesterday, that a terrorist plot had been uncovered: a group of young men had planned to blow up intercontinental airplanes simultaneously, using a variety of liquid explosive. They all planned to take US carriers departing Heathrow and flying to the United States -- and within the next week or two. So exactly the time, the route, and the airline companies we would be flying. I have to admit to being very nervous about this -- it feels like such a close call. I spend too much time imagining what might have happened, and not enough time not thinking about it. Because of this, we have decided to leave for the Prague airport earlier than originally intended. This shortens our day here in Prague.

But I am determined to see the Frank Gehry building, the Dancing House. I am not disappointed: it is strange. I see the twisted post-bomb representation; I sense the anger; I am closer to that feeling right now that Gehry probably imagined a girl from the California suburbs could be (and I am still much, much further away from how the survivors must feel). It is definitely a statement.

We have a little business to take care of: since we are told that we will not be allowed to carry anything on the airplane with us, heading to the States, we go to shops in the New Town Square to buy additional check-on bags. We then have lunch and coffee in the Old Town Square before taking the Metro out to the airport.

There is no line at all for Club Class, which is good, and the flight is on-time to London. Michel meets us at the appointed place, and we go to their house for dinner. Delish rice dish; so glad it's not meat and potatoes.

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