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July 10th 2014
Published: July 7th 2014
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View of the park I was at yesterday.
Been a little slack with the posts but up until today I haven't had much to write about, except lounging in my hotel room and reliving the wonders of David Eddings books.

My goal at the beginning of 2013 was to say "yes" to every opportunity or dare that someone threw at me, my only condition being that as long as it didn't involve doing something decidedly stupid like "hey, let's go look for Redback spiders in your shed at night" then I was all for it so when I was offered an internship at the Canberra Times I took it, when I was asked to publish an article for the Isaacs Law Society Summons magazine, I took it and so on. I always seem to have walked away from something when things got too hard but I was determined to not let that happen. Now on this trip I'm reflecting on the person I have become, as I mentioned I now feel like I know the reason I was born into this world and that's to write.

I've always loved writing and reading. My mind as a child was continually lost in thoughts of flying or fairies and

Such a hard life.
making up characters and stories, I have been told by a few people that my writing touched them and at times gave them hope. Writing is a release for me, it doesn't have to be a poem or story but even writing this blog allows me to think and reflect.

I had a bit of a down moment when everyone was talking about their families, siblings etc. Everyone apart from one of the "older" guys has both their parents and siblings and whilst no-one pressed as to why it's only mum and I, I could feel their curiosity brimming and pushing at them a little. Mum and I have faced a really rough set of years with cancer and dads death and somedays (although not frequently) we have those days.

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon outside reading, Prague has turned on the most spectacular weather with the exception of a thunderstorm and humidity this evening. I am not looking forward to Canberra's brisk weather when I come home not when I actually have freckles and a tan line to show.

This morning I spent my time lounging and watching cat videos instead of doing my

More scenery around Old Town.
work, when I am motivated enough I will write and write frequently and relatively well but I have been a little lazy, this bit me in the bum when Michael opted to tell us we were "critically examining" each others work. Fortunately (but not for one of my colleagues) we spent majority of the 3 hours we had looking at his work and Michael more or less ridiculing it. I got... Some feedback on my work but it wasn't the best and the other guy got even less time than me for feedback so it worked out to a point.

After a brisk walk to escape the wrath of Michael after class finished, Frank and I got the metro back to the hotel and went out for dinner at Polo Bar which (like in the title) is a bar and serves good food and relatively cheap wine. I had salmon which was a little overcooked but was made up for by the nachos which were great. I then went on a hunt for coloured bobbi pins which are non existent and instead went and had a wander around Sephora. I shouldn't be allowed near that store

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Photo of the club I went to on Friday.

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