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June 20th 2014
Published: June 20th 2014
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I'm not the biggest fan of soccer by any stretch but it seems to be all the rage over here, everywhere I go there are people talking about and I have found myself vaguely following along with who wins and loses.

Today we had a multimedia class and admittedly I found it overly boring, apart from the short documentaries we watched to have a look at the graphics and what not there really wasn't anything to write about. I met two interns from TOL who are around my age and have as wicked sense of humour as I do. We all went to a pub/ lunch place and I had my first traditional Czech meal and beer which while I totally am regretting it at the moment it really was amazing to drink. Lunch was a beef dish with cranberries, cream and a dumpling. However not the Asian style dumpling we are used to but more like slices of bread filled with flavour. I would have it again in a heart beat!

We are meeting up tonight to go to the Beer Garden as one of the girls is a self proclaimed "meat head" and wants to watch the soccer, whilst I have enjoyed relaxing in my hotel work and getting 4/5ths of bugger all done it can be a little lonely so meeting girls around my own age has been fantastic.

For the practical part of the multimedia thing today we had to go and "film a movie", after lunch we were wandering the streets and we stopped by the Absinthe bar which I have frequently walked by, I mean this place is bright green so you can't exactly miss it and there are some "interesting" scents coming out from there.

We filmed the outside of the bar and the people passing by in the street and then shot the inside and interviewed one of the workers there who said he had around 250 kinds of Absinthe, in Australia I am fairly certain there is only one and it absolutely disgusting and not for the faint hearted, while we were there one of the girls got an absinthe ice-cream, the guy working was also nice enough to give me one for free and I have to say it was not bad at all. My head is a little achey at the moment and I felt quite happy when I was munching on it but it wasn't bad.

Everywhere I go I seem to see marijuana plants literally growing outside of shops, there are also in all the souvenir shops "pot lollipops" and a few other interesting things. Frankly I have never really been exposed to drugs that way so I was quite shocked, drugs are such a taboo (in my mind at least) that to see how readily accepted it is here is really shocking.

I have a 4.5 hour bus ride tomorrow to Berlin... I hope the bus has wifi or I may collapse of boredom...

I could go on about the boredom of the multimedia class but I won't subject you to what I faced. Also my ipad is currently consuming my phone charger so todays photos will be posted either later or tomorrow.

Write more tomorrow!



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