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June 14th 2014
Published: June 14th 2014
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So I said good-bye to my beautiful want to be country town of Canberra on Friday, I saw Joe off on Thursday and spent the evening with mum and on Wednesday was my mini bon voyage party. Despite everything, the tears, the good-byes and the hugs I still can't believe that I will be spending the next month here reporting.

Anyone who knows me enough will know I generally loathe leaving home and whilst I love to travel I am also a stickler for money so despite what you may think I feel I have come a long way from the me I was at the start of the year.

The 8 hour time difference is a pain in the rectum I will admit freely... I can almost guarantee at 12.00 tonight I will be wide away... Haha.

The plane ride (s) over here could have been a lot better but they also could have been a lot worse. I had a 10 minute connecting flight coming from Vienna to Prague whilst also needing to get my passport validity checked (the guy who checked mine didn't even compare my picture to my face, lol) and the line was huge! Everyone was pushing and shoving and I was being forced into people and they had my bag in their back and ugh... You can just imagine it! Unfortunately Aussies are bred tough and with a few low shoulder barges I got through (sorry to the lady who nearly stacked it because of me...) as it turns out there was a 20 minute delay anyway so I needn't have worried or shoulder barged anyone too much anyway.

The flight from Sydney to Bangkok was admittedly atrocious (I retract my initial statement). 5 screaming children on board made me want to contemplate also sorts of murder. Honestly I think it was karma for laughing over my own jokes about the missing Malaysian Airlines flight. The two girls I was sitting next to also cracked up about my awful jokes.

Prague really is a beautiful city, Joe said he thought everything had a backstory to it when he was here last year, my dad said something similar back in 2010 when he was here and they're both right. Beautiful old buildings stand tall wherever you go, fresh air and beautiful weather... No wonder everyone here is so lovely.

One thing I always catch myself doing when I'm away is comparing Australia to wherever I am, not for any other reason than for curiosity and interest. For example, the people in Prague particularly the professional services and retail ooze genuine kindness and are so apologetic if something goes wrong and so appreciative if you do something for them. This evening I asked if I could take my left over bread back to my room in case I got hungry, instead of doing that the chef got an entire new bowl of bread and spread-y stuff (good english I know...) and brought it out to me even though I had said I was happy to take my leftovers. I also was unsure of the tipping rates here and what was acceptable, I gave my waiter a tip (which I think wasn't a lot of money at all) and he came back beaming and smiling and wishing me a happy evening and welcoming me to Prague. I truly was astonished.

Compare that to Australia, you wouldn't get half that. Even the customers you serve are grumpy which makes you grumpy but here nothing seems to phase anyone..

Tomorrow I plan on scouting for resources and people to interview, when my mind was wandering off in it's typical way I thought that despite the initial politeness and genuineness of everyone I have met it's hard to believe the dark underworld of human trafficking. As someone said, once the borders were lifted what is the price to pay for everyones freedom?

I am jetlagged to hell and back so I am off for a snooze, will either add to this one or start another blog tomorrow.

E. xx

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