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May 25th 2019
Published: May 26th 2019
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Canadian Medical ClinicCanadian Medical ClinicCanadian Medical Clinic

Evropská 859/115a 160 00 Prague 6
Yesterday's activities were most assuredly not planned as part of this year's itinerary; however, given the circumstances, it could have been worse. In our experiences over the years, nothing has been more unsettling and stressful than finding ourselves in a foreign country with a medical issue.

In 2014, Dee developed shingles while we were in the south of France, which required a trip to the ER in Aix en Provence. The following year, while in Paris, I went to the American Hospital there with borderline pneumonia.

Then in 2017, during our around-the-world trip, I succumbed to a nasty intestinal infection for which I sought treatment in Athens, and subsequently in Nice.

Last year we came away unscathed, but this year we've not been as fortunate. A few days before our departure, I strained, tore or severely pulled some back muscles while trying to weigh our luggage at home. So I was virtually lame even before we got to the starting gate! In fact, it's now 6 weeks later, and I'm just beginning to feel like the muscles are returning to normal.

Unfortunately, this year Dee started to develop a chronic cough in Heidelberg and Copenhagen that is not unlike the morning cough she's had for years, which we've always attributed to post-nasal drip, pollen allergy or some other sinus-related issue. However, her coughing episodes have become increasingly frequent and severe, so we decided to seek medical assistance here in Prague.

I was able to identify an English-speaking clinic on the U.S. Embassy's website, placed a call and scheduled an appointment for late yesterday afternoon. With the timely assistance of the gracious driver we had used on our tours earlier in the week, we made it to the other side of town in plenty of time for the appointment with a young female doctor in the impressive, new facility of the Canadian Medical clinic in Prague.

The entire experience was truly amazing. From the check-in process (patients fill-out paperwork on iPads), to MUDr. Simona Zálohová's professional and compassionate manner--plus the access to an on-site pharmacy, and the reasonableness of the fees ($90 for the doctor; $35 for the drugs)--we were impressed from beginning to end.

Based on a brief examination, and a simple swab test, the doctor concluded that Dee has a bacterial infection, with a diagnosis of strep pharyngitis. She prescribed an antibiotic, and some other medicines to soothe her cough, which we were able to purchase on-site as we left the clinic.

Since our young driver friend had another commitment, we had to resort to the Prague metro system for the return to our neighborhood. Fortunately, the clinic is located next to a station on the most direct metro line for us, where we boarded the train without difficulties, apart from some initial confusion with tickets, tracks, etc.

The underground train zipped us to the convenient stop at Náměstí Míru (Peace Square), which is just a 10-minute walk from our apartment. Before returning home we decided to have an early dinner at Bruxx, the Belgian-themed eatery where we'd enjoyed lunch the other day--starting off with a round of cocktails to celebrate the end of a trying day.

Today we laid low in the apartment all morning, as the doctor had recommended Dee take it easy for a few days. We ventured out shortly after noon, walking to the Peace Square, where we had lunch at a nice Italian restaurant, one of the many cafes, bars and restaurants on the perimeter of this sprawling square anchored by a park and another
Church of St. LudmilaChurch of St. LudmilaChurch of St. Ludmila

Náměstí Míru (Peace Square)
gigantic church, the Church of St. Ludmila. Dee raved about her chicken with roasted vegetables, while the lasagne I ordered was as good (or better) than I've eaten anywhere.

After lunch, we walked into the park for a quick peek at the church, a neo-Gothic Roman Catholic church, built between 1888–1892, and named in honor of St. Ludmila of Bohemia. The church front features two 180 ft.-high towers with bells, and the tall gable with portal above the main entrance is decorated with sculptures. The interior has many richly-colored, stained-glass windows, and is decorated by the paintings and sculptures of several noted Czech artists.

We have a few more days left in Prague, where the temperatures are now approaching the 70-degree mark during the day. If Dee's condition permits, we want to pay a return visit to parts of the Old Town and Jewish Quarter; and we've yet to explore Wenceslas Square, a landmark square in the New Town area that is rich in Czech history.

Dee's Comments: Sorry, but I've been more or less out of commission for the past few days, due to the coughing spells described above by Mitch. It has been bothering me for weeks, so we finally went to a medical facility where a very nice (and so young) lady doctor diagnosed me with a strep throat infection--yuck! I really hope the antibiotic she prescribed does the trick.

I do want to comment on our tours earlier in the week. Our guide was so informative! He had a wealth of history at his command, and you could tell he has a passion for Prague, its history, and for travel in general. I thoroughly enjoyed the two days we spent with him; and our 24-year-old driver turned out to be such a sweet guy!

We connected via WhatsApp, and he was able to drive us to the clinic yesterday, plus he didn't want to take any money from us (Mitch tipped him anyway). We have been so very fortunate during our travels over the years to have encountered so many friendly, caring people!

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Pizzeria ConcordiaPizzeria Concordia
Pizzeria Concordia

Náměstí Míru (Peace Square)
Pizzeria ConcordiaPizzeria Concordia
Pizzeria Concordia

Náměstí Míru (Peace Square)
Church of St. LudmilaChurch of St. Ludmila
Church of St. Ludmila

Náměstí Míru (Peace Square)
Flower shopFlower shop
Flower shop

Náměstí Míru (Peace Square)

26th May 2019

Dee-glad you sought treatment and hope the meds do the trick! The medical building is something else, very unique design. The weather sounds perfect for strolling and relaxing. Enjoy it, we are heading for the 90s here. 😓
26th May 2019

On the mend!
Dee hoping that you will be feeling better in no time! Very modern clinic. Great looking food and beautiful churches. Topping it all off with a delicious cocktail, what could be better!!
28th May 2019
Church of St. Ludmila

Peace Square
Lovely setting and architecture
19th June 2019

magic meds!
So very grateful you went and got looked at, received some meds and shall hopefully feel better. The scenery is always so beautiful, wish we had more places like this here at home. All this food is making me hungry!!

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