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May 26th 2015
Published: May 26th 2015
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My third stop of my travels was Prague. Getting to Prague proved interesting as the trains in Germany were on strike so I had to take a bus to the border where I then got on a train to Prague. After that little bit of excitement, I made it to Prague and got off at the wrong train station. Not to worry though, the metro ran to this station as well so I was able to make it to my hostel without enduring an extra cost or much of an inconvenience. Once I made it to my hostel and checked in, I went on my customary walk of the city to try and get my bearings. My walk took me across the famous and beautiful Charles Bridge and into the Old Town. Prague being the medieval city it is, had me lost and entranced from the very first moment. I made a little tour of the Old Town before heading back across the bridge to a place for dinner, where I had my first half liter of Czech beer and some goulash with bread dumplings. After dinner, I went for another walk and settled in for some relaxation in the park right by the Rudolfinum when I got an unexpected show. The next thing I know, two girls where doing yoga poses, completely naked and being photographed. It was quite something and the reactions from people seeing them was really funny. That wrapped up my first day in Prague.

Om the second day I started by looking in St. Nicholas Church. The church was stunning and the intricate design left me speechless and very happy I decided to peek inside. After, I walked across to the Old Town and walked around the Old Town Square and saw the Astronomical Clock Tower and the Tyn Church before getting a free walking tour that took me around the Old Town, Jewish Quarter, and New Town. The tour was very good and the guide was great. Not only did he know the history of the city, but he was funny as well which made the tour that much better. While we were in the Jewish Quarter, he told us about a synagogue that has the names of all the Czech Jews that were killed in WWII inscribed on the walls. I wanted to go in and see it after the tour, but it was closed so I didn’t get the chance. One of the points on the tour was in front of the Municipal House and the guide said it was one of his favorite places in the city because of the difference in architecture. There is art noveau, art deco, classical, and communism all next to each other and it was very neat to see. After the tour, I wandered upon a market that I had a look around and had my first trdelnik, which is a hollow roll of bread that is covered in cinnamon sugar. I then made my way to Wenceslas Square and had a look around and then stopped in a park by my hostel and resting and reading some of my book. Later I went to dinner and had 1.5 liters if beer. In the Czech Republic they drink more beer per capita than any other country in the world and I understand. Most countries do not drink beer at 10:30 in the morning and in restaurants it is like an endless river flowing.

My last day in Prague, I went to Prague Castle. It was absolutely jam packed with tourists and quite a disappointment. I felt like I was just part of a herd of animals being pushed along. It is the largest castle in the world, which I guess explains a lot. In the castle, I saw the Old Royal Palace, Basilica of St. George, the Golden Lane, and Cathedral of St. Vitus. Maybe all the tourists bothered me too much, but I really didn’t find any of it very impressive. After escaping the herd, I went and walked some of the Royal Garden before exploring the rest of the castle district. It provided some great views of the city being up on the hillside. After walking myself to exhaustion, I settled back in the park by my hostel called Vojanovy Sady and it used to be a royal garden, I overheard. I then went to the John Lennon Wall which served as a point of protest against the communist regime and is decorated by art calling for peace and love. After this I went and had my last Czech dinner, more goulash with dumplings and my last Czech beer.

Prague was absolutely beautiful and has a fairy tale aspect to it. I really liked the city and spent a lot of time just walking around the city and admiring the gorgeous architecture that exists in the city. I wandered up and down so many little narrow roads and loved every minute of it. Prague was great after Berlin because they couldn’t have been any more different. Berlin was a hustling and bustling new city that has rebuilt itself after the war, whereas Prague was never really bombed and therefore the medieval charm and the amazing architecture are all still intact. Another wonderful city on my travels.


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