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May 27th 2012
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It’s Sunday and I write to you via the EC train from Prague to Vienna.<span><span> So far the train situation has worked well for us, the Eurail pass was a good investment and the best part is we don’t have to make reservations in advance we just hop on whichever train we want.<span> It’s Day 6 into our journey and overall holding up well, the past 2 nights I got good sleep so I am rejuventated.<span> My eating schedule is not the best, but that’s expected when you are traveling.<span> I’m hoping that the hostel in Vienna has a tiny gym so I can get a little workout in, definitely feel like my body is a little out of shape.<span> My budget is also under control I haven’t spent as much as I anticipated, but I just went to the 2 cheapest cities on this trip so that may change in the next week.

So the big Texan Reunion was this weekend in Prague, and we started off by meeting up with the gang at Caroline Moussawi’s birthday party.<span> Upon arriving, the two things that I immediately noticed about Prague were 1) how beautiful the women are 2) Czechs love their pizza.<span> I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many good looking girls in my life, they have that eastern European model look that we see in magazines, except these are everyday girls just walking along the streets.<span> And surprisingly around every corner I went there was a pizza place, so that seemed like a popular choice among the people there.

Caroline rented out a lounge and we partied there for the night.<span> It was great catching up with Caroline, Filip, Sandra, and Tim as well as our fellow Americans Caroline and Julie.<span> This was actually the first time that I had met the Austrian male contingent from Fall 2011, somehow our paths didn’t cross when they were in Austin.<span> After a good night rest, we all met up the following afternoon and headed to the Castle. <span> As expected, the architecture of Prague is breathtaking, it definitely has that medieval ambiance to it and old world charm.<span> It reminded me a little bit of Venice, without the canals.<span> We spent the entire afternoon taking pictures around the Castle and Charles Bridge.<span> One of the coolest things I saw was the John Lennon wall, which is this huge wall of graffiti where people come and write words of peace and wisdom, or in some cases obnoxious innuendos.<span> Because we got a late start to the day, we didn’t get a whole lot of time to go inside all these places, which gives me an excuse to come back to Prague in the future.<span> I also didn’t get a chance to try any authentic Czech food, but we did go to a very good Italian restaurant for lunch and I had gnocchi and it was phenomenal.

Signing off now, writing about food made me hungry and I can’t wait to try all the falafels and schnitzels in Vienna!


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