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October 28th 2010
Published: November 13th 2010
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One late evening we noticed that Old Town Square was being decorated. Since we had seen Christmas lights going up in part of the city, we had a brief thought that perhaps the Christmas Fair was going up REALLY early this year. Our next trip was in daylight and it was apparent that this was instead a celebration of the Harvest Season. The decorations had a fall or harvest look to them. We were delighted to learn that no matter what celebration goes on in Old Town Square the majority of the exhibits are of good Czech food. One of our favorite foods in the square at times like this is the chicken kabobs. Chicken, onions, sweet red pepper on a stick and grilled over a charcoal fire. It is good eating. I, Bill, have been tempted by the Bohemian ham, but have not eaten it yet. Maybe I will during the Christmas season.

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Anticipating cake Anticipating cake
Anticipating cake

Look at the smile on his face.
Bohemian hamBohemian ham
Bohemian ham

The smell of this ham cooking makes thoughts of cholesterol waft out of your brain.
Do you prefer cake or tartar Do you prefer cake or tartar
Do you prefer cake or tartar

A strange combo Steak Tartar on open faced sandwiches and delicious cake both at the same vendor.
So much cheese to choose from.So much cheese to choose from.
So much cheese to choose from.

Sadly we only got a picture of about a quarter of this exhibit.
Eating in Old Town SquareEating in Old Town Square
Eating in Old Town Square

Some people found tables, others walked with their food but we found a nice bench!
Fruit and vegetables Fruit and vegetables
Fruit and vegetables

This was a stall with things imported from all over the world.
Mixed veggiesMixed veggies
Mixed veggies

Potatoes, cabbage and 'whatever' in a huge wok.

We resisted!

13th November 2010

Ah...I remember eating at the Easter Fair that was just like that when I was in Old Town! Those chicken kabobs ARE good...that fair was my favorite part of Prague, I think! So much fun. Thanks for sharing the pictures!
18th November 2010

Oh Bill and Nancy, just try everything you see that looks good to eat! Just use moderation, don't deprive your self of the ham and sweets! Teena

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