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October 13th 2009
Published: October 14th 2009
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All right.. so the first month while we were here... we going on trips to other Czech towns, exploring the city of Prague, and of course Czech intensive class.. Now the real classes have begun. I just finished my third week of classes. Well, for me it was the second because I skipped the first week to go to Poland 😊 I am very lucky to like all my classes because most of my friends have at least one class they don't like. So what classes am I taking?

Jewish History in Eastern and Central Europe. This class is sooo interesting.. My professor is actually not Czech, but French! She is great.. And whenever she says something negative about the US, she starts it off with a disclaimer.. "I'm not saying this because I'm French but.." And this is purely a history class. I was hoping to learn more about the religion aspect, but this class is more about the history of the Jewish people instead of the history of the religion itself. Nevertheless, I am learning a lot already.

Czech Politics: The transformation of Czechoslovakia to the Czech Rep. On the first day, we all thought the professor was late, but no, a young elfish looking man made his way to the front of the room and welcomed us to the class. He passed out the syllabus and asked us if we were masters or bachelors students.. I thought it was funny that he planned the class without knowing this! This class is awesome. It compares Czech to other satellite nations before and after 1989 at the fall of the Soviet Union. So far we have read about Poland and Czech. Very interesting especially after visiting Poland!

Interculturalism in Czech Context. This class is about the minorities in the CR. Right now we are learning about Romas (Gypsies). Its crazy how racist this nation still is! They still put the Romas in separate schools and treat them as inferiors. We will learn about religious minorities, the Vietnamese population, and more.. The professor is a little whacky.. She has that whacky librarian stereotype. But she is very nice.

Czech Art and Architecture. I love my professor for this course. He is leaving us for three weeks because he has an opera exhibition in Japan! And he fits the socially awkward opera singer stereotype. He wears turtle necks everyday, his hair is kind of like Kramer from Seinfeld, and he talks in a soft sing song manner. He is very sweet. This class is 1/3 lecture, 2/3field trips. We have free admission to wherever we go which is very nice.

So my schedule is pretty awesome.. They make it very easy for us to travel by putting most classes in 3hr once a week blocks. Monday I have 1 class for an hour and a half, Tuesday, I have 2 three hour classes, and Wednesday I have a 3 hr and a 1.5 hour class. Then I have four day weekends to either explore Prague or travel.

Oh and the views from my classrooms are unbelievable. I will get pictures up soon, but lets just say I can see the Prague Castle from my classroom window.


14th October 2009

So glad you're loving all your classes! Love the colorful descriptions of your professors!

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