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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Jenerálka April 28th 2013

A walk in Šárka Valley from Divoká Šárka to Jeneralka I spent the entire day on Friday proofreading doctoral dissertation chapters written by various PhD candidates. This is work I really enjoy doing but by the end of a week of Masters and PhD papers with the sun shining outside, the temperature in the low 20s Celcius (low 70s Farenheit) I find I am just about too lazy to do ONE-MORE-THING. So along about 15:00 or 15:30, I decided it was time to give up the fight to stay awake and head to the room for a nice nap. I went to the library to find Bill but he was not where the others thought he was. A student caught me and had me help him find some books he needed to work with over ... read more
Stream beside the opening hills
Yellow flowers on rocky hillside
Pub is in sight

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Jenerálka September 9th 2012

Perfect day The weather was perfect! Bright sunshine, a high blue sky with fluffly white clouds and the temperature hovering around 80f. What more could we ask for except a nice long walk in the Sarka Valley and that is exactly what we decided to do. After church and lunch and nap time, the four of us meet and headed down the hill to the beginning of the trail. We altered our plans for a LONG walk since Andrew was just getting over a nasty head cold and we had started a little later in the day than planned. So, Nancy and I with two friends, Jim from Glasgow, Scotland and Andrew from England were 'off on an afternoon stroll' . The trail through the Sarka Valley is a popular place on weekday evenings and all ... read more
Andrew also likes tonic water
Nancy and her glass of tonic water

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Jenerálka September 4th 2012

I am sorry for a tragedy with my photos. My camera was set for 2X digital zoom so all of my photos are a wreck. I have only Bill's to use and he missed many of the ones I wanted SO much. If you aren't here and should be, it is because a button got pushed by error on my camera.Has there ever been such a day? Today was packed with meaningful prayer time, meals and coffee times, classes to teach, meetings to attend, the rush to put on your best clothes, the fun of getting all the students and faculty in line properly to march to the graduation ceremony, the meaningful ceremony itself, the photo opportunities for family and friends of graduates and their proud families, the festal meal, hugs and kiss and congratulations, best ... read more
New Ph.D grads and Parush
Parush & Marjon, new Master
Lydia, Yevgen and his daughter

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Jenerálka September 2nd 2012

An International Breakfast Eight people around the table from six countries. This is one of the pleasures of being at IBTS, getting to know good people from many countries and cultures. On this morning eight of us sat at one table from six countries. Countries represented were: Hungary The Ukraine The Netherlands England Lebanon The USA Somehow we didn't publish this in September and here it is February and we have had many more breakfasts (especially these last two weeks of PhD intensive study time) with even more nationalities present at the breakfast table. Once again some of these same people were back for good food and lots of talk. Sadly, David our Hungarian student was not able to continue in his studies and we all miss him everyday and wish him wel... read more
Teacher and Student
A CAT & a Master
Jeff and Andrew

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Jenerálka August 31st 2012

In Prague Again -- Here we are at IBTS in Prague again and if all goes as we hope we will be here until May 28th, 2013. The trip went well. In fact it was as easy as any trip we have made from the States to Europe. Both of us were able to sleep on the plane as it winged its way across the Atlantic and we felt pretty good when we arrived at Heathrow in London. At Heathrow we had to change terminals, from terminal 5 to 3. On the British Air web site it said that the minimum requirement was 90 minutes. It took us only about an hour and our transit would have been faster if their magic machine had not kicked our backpack with our prescription medicines to one side for ... read more
Nancy reviewing material for her first class
Bill working on the Travel Blog

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Jenerálka April 11th 2011

Spring has come to the Sarka Valley. I went out early in the morning to take a few photos of blossoms. Looking out from the hill behind where our apartment is located I saw the beautiful sight of the Sarka Valley filled with the colors of spring. ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Jenerálka December 21st 2010

We decide to find warmer climes In early December with Prague being continually covered by new snow and the temperature dropping to very cold levels, we sat talking one evening about the upcoming Christmas holidays. The seminary was going to be closed for several weeks and we could do whatever we wanted to do. I knew that Spain was a destination on Nancy's 'bucket' list. In fact, she was at that time reading Tales of the Alhambra by Washington Irving. "Why don't we visit Spain?," I asked. "It will be warmer in Spain than Prague." She readily agreed. "If we go, I want to visit Granada and the Alhambra." We like to travel by train and decided that instead of flying we would go by train if I could find good connections. It took some ... read more
Alps of Switzerland

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Jenerálka November 27th 2010

Saturday Morning - November A dusting of snow greeted us this morning when we woke and looked outside. The forecast had called for snow and also for snow into next week. Sunday Morning We did not get much snow today, but it did snow. Thursday Morning The 7th day in a row with snow. Yesterday afternoon and last night it SNOWED, about 5 more inches. Not only did it snow, but it turned very cold. This morning the temperature stood at about 10f. And, yes more snow is in the forecast. Early January January 7th to be exact. If you have read the above, you know snow started late in November. Well folks, it is still here. I don't recall the exact numbers but I know it snowed for 9 straight days once it began. ... read more
From the Library to the Chateau.
Vladko is ALWAYS faithful
Looking toward the 47 steps

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Jenerálka November 23rd 2010

Our campus seems very subdued today and quiet tonight. Our own whirlwind who blew in here last August just blew out on the wings of British Air. She is headed back to the USA much to the sorrow of every student, faculty member and visitor on campus. We had a very happy/sad party last evening to say goodbye to a most interesting young woman who came here to help teach English to our young students who are just beginning their theological education. None of us knew her before she arrived but within a day (or perhaps less) it was impossible NOT to know Jodi. With her happy smile, infectious laugh, winning personality and general joy-to-be-alive attitude plus her fantastically curly red hair it was impossible to miss this fresh breeze on campus. I don't think any ... read more
Jodi's party
The three English teachers.
Jodi and her two hard working students.

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Jenerálka October 13th 2010

The seminary sits beside the Sarka Valley and though it is in the city of Prague it has a feeling of being in a small village. There are a few houses nearby, an extremely small Catholic church that marked the outer boundary of lands owned by a monastery centuries ago and two restaurants. One is known for serving very good food at very high prices. The other is known for very good food at moderate prices. Guess which one we frequent? Yes, the moderate one. You can see from the first photo why we feel we are in a village, if not in the woods. Beyond the restaurant, in this view, there is a large hill covered by trees. It is very steep. There are houses on top, but you cannot see them from any ... read more
Restaurant Jeneralka
Nancy waiting for our meal
Looking toward the inner room of the restaurant.

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