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July 13th 2010
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So this is going to be quite short as I have just arrived in Rimini, and there is a beautiful beach awaiting my arrival. But i thought I should at least put something up so that you (maja) know that I am alive.

Since landing in Paris, I have learned 5 things.

1) The Paris airport is terrible.
2) The Czech people believe that they are living in 1980s America. Acid wash jeans, cutoffs a la Tobias Funke run rampant and are especially popular on 45-50 year old men pushing strollers, and rattails-beaded braids (usually 1) and mullets are all the rave. I thought that I had left that amazing look back in Vancouver, but luckily it has followed me here.
3) The Czech people cannot speak nor understand English. They do however love listening to American music (and singing along) and their favourite tune appears to be Free Fallin. Ive heard it approximately 15 times since I landed. Luckily, its a beaut. They also know that when someone sits down in a bar, a beer should be there within 20 seconds. I love this place.
4) Asking the first person you meet who speaks English if the Czechs like the Germans, will result in the entire bus giving you death stares. Following this up with Russians and the hate continues. Who would have thought that being occupied for hundreds of years would lead to such resentment.
5) Venezia is the most confusing city ever created. Prague does not have street signs, yet I never got lost. However, I walked around for 5 hours looking for my hostel until I found it. Apparently the Mafia owns all of the hotels so Hostels cannot put signs up for fear of being eliminated. Very helpful when walking around with a 70 lb bag on your back looking for said hostel. You could easily walk around for 4 days and never see the same thing (although it will all look the same).

I only stayed for a day then headed down to Bologna for a couple nights and a couple days of a beautiful pool. Not too much to do there so I relaxed, met some Moroccasns and Yanks and relaxed. Now off to Rimini (apparently the Ibiza of Italy) for a few days to soak up the sun and get my tan on. Once I get to the bigger cities, more stories will start flowing and Ill try to post some pictures.

Also, im working on a catch-phrase so Ill be trying a few out until I find one that fits.



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