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Europe » Czech Republic » Plzen Region » Plzen July 28th 2016

Still full from last night’s gargantuan meal, we start the day with a light breakfast of coffee and a pastry. This proves surprisingly difficult to find. The cafes on the main square all seem to sell either coffee with massive cream cakes, or beer, neither of which feels quite right at 9.30 in the morning. MittelEuropa does not seem to do croissants or pain chocolat. The Great Synagogue is the third largest in the world. It was built in the 1890s and can hold 2800 worshippers, but fell into disrepair during the war and has only recently been renovated. It is currently housing a display of photographs taken in the USA during the Depression. Many were striking pictures, despite the contemporary comment by the great photographer Anselm Adams that these were not photographs but merely images ... read more
James has found a new club to support
Pilsen old town
PIlsen fountain

Europe » Czech Republic » Plzen Region » Plzen October 28th 2015

On the morning of the 28th, I left Prague fairly early and headed to Pilsen and after stopping off briefly at my accommodation, I got to the zoo just before 12. After arriving at the zoo, I then bought a ticket and went around to the administration building (located just outside the zoo) to meet up with a person who I had contacted prior to my visit (thanks to various peoples’ suggestions at the beginning of this thread) for a tour of the off show areas. This lasted almost two and a half hours and I probably could have spent longer if I wanted to. I’m not going to discuss the off show areas (I haven’t uploaded pictures of anything off show either) and it would be unfair to critique a part of the zoo that ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Plzen Region » Plzen August 5th 2013

"Pilsner please", and that request of course usually means Pilsner Urquell or Gambrinus in the city that is home to the enormous and world famous brewery, Pilsner Urquell. The pride of the city of Plzen, this Brewery began its operation in 1842. Beer making, however, started here sometime in the 11th century by monks! They were great boozers, the monks. We picked up a lot of general beer brewing history in the Brewery Museum located in the old town and specifics about Pilsner brewing on our tour of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery.Our hotel connects to the Brewery by an overpass which crosses a busy highway. The overpass virtually takes pedestrians right up to the historic double arched gates of the Brewery - very handy for guests. Our room is on the 5th floor and has a ... read more
Pilsner Urquell Brewery
Monk with a Pils

Europe » Czech Republic » Plzen Region » Plzen July 2nd 2013

After having visited Prague a few times already, but really not that much more in Czech Republic, I decided to branch out a little this time. First stop is Plzeň, the home of Pilsner beer. On the train ride to Prague I find a pretty good conversation partner in Gary, an Australian Indian from Melbourne. We chat about the finer (ha!) details of Australian culture and he provides me with some insight about what kinds of shit he has to take as an Australian with his background. Quite interesting, as so far, I hadn't heard the Australian Indian perspective firsthand. I change trains in Prague and hop on the train to Plzeň, where I arrive one and a half hours later. My host Rufina picks me up from the train station. She's Belarussian and in Plzeň ... read more
Statue of Josef Smetana
Kozel dark
Moorish style ceiling

Europe » Czech Republic » Plzen Region » Plzen June 18th 2012

Junior team Canada ball hockey training camp came to an end with wins for both teams in exhibition games. That afternoon we did the brewery tour of Pilsner Urquell Brewery and had dinner at Na Splice brewery restaurant. The tour was informative, but easily could have been half the length that it was (about 90 minutes). We seemed to spend quite a bit of time looking at the new packing plant (they are quite proud of the $40 million investment) even though it wasn't even going! The cellar deep underground was wonderful and cool (like bring a sweater, 5*C) with 9km of underground roads. The team dinner at Na Splice on the brewery grounds was a bit of a disappointment....lots and lots of gravy on everything, but I'm told this is traditional. I'd recommend the tour, ... read more
Pilsen Urquell brewery
Two fisting in Plsen
The Lang-over guys

Europe » Czech Republic » Plzen Region » Plzen June 14th 2012

I am travelling now with junior Team Canada mens ball hockey teams (under 18s) at training camp formthe worlds in Plsen (pilsen) Czech Republic. Its barely stopped raining since we got here, but had a little reprieve this afternoon. Luckily umbrella are about 29 Crowns (?$1.50) and I am from Vancouver, and very used to "high humidity". On the down side, my new hair straightener that I bought after frying my last one in Bangkok, doesnt even work at all here. All good! I bought a Czech one for what I think was $10 and it seems to work fine! The team is staying at Hotel Angelo, about 10 minute walk to the historic center. Great restaurant here, and the rooms are very cleam and comfortable. what is it about European hotel rooms? No plugs within ... read more
Central square, Plsen, Czech

Europe » Czech Republic » Plzen Region » Plzen August 12th 2011

Czech Republic – the land of big beers, beautiful women, and words with too many consonants. A lot like Wales in that respect, except there it was big women and beautiful beers. In particular, Plzen. Or Pilsen. Whichever you prefer and can pronounce. The campsite at Pilsen was by a lake, and it had all the best that Eastern Bloc style had to offer – nuclear-atack-solid amenities blocks complete with parcel shelf toilets and communal showers (although not prison style – there was at least dividers between the showers. It's just not the Australian way to get nekkid in front of others, prudes that we are, not when sober anyway). The site backed on to a nice bit of forest, and I utilised this part for the dunny, as per usual. You couldn't walk in too ... read more
Brewery Gates
Camping Pilsen
The bottling plant

Europe » Czech Republic » Plzen Region » Plzen June 8th 2011

this may well be the shortest blog (by me) in history. Got bus from Karlovy Vary to Plzn/Pilsen as said before – this took about less than 2 hrs. Hotel close to bus station – and had one of those open faced sandwiches for about 90cents at the station – such good value/idea. The town of Plzn proved to be rather boring – and I thought the characters wandering the streets often seemed a little ‘chancy’ so you had to keep an eye out. Scoped out where the station was – along Amerika avenue – Gen. Patton and the Yanks liberated this place at end of WW2 so I guess that is why – there is a Patton memorial here somewhere. Otherwise not much to report. Had a cheap dinner – no cards ttaken so used ... read more
a concert hall?
Church of St Batholomew
Great Synagogue

Europe » Czech Republic » Plzen Region » Plzen April 27th 2011

OK, so I arrived in Pilsen on the train. The hostel was really close to the train station (just 10 minutes walk away). However, the hostel happened to be a dump as well as the city itself. The hostel seemed to be situated in a construction yard/council estate. It was so disorganised, the owner seemed to have no knoweledge of the fact that I'd emailed him about changing the dates and he'd responded saying OK. Whatever. I checked into the hostel eventually. I then went to the brewery museum. Which was relatively interesting. The underground historical cellars were also relatively interesting, The only other interesting thing in the city as far as I could see was the third largest synagogue in the world and the town hall. I went to bed at 10 o'clock having nothing ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Plzen Region » Plzen November 5th 2010

One day in 2008, a few days before we flew home, we were walking through the Wallenstein gardens here in Prague. Several booths were set up. One was from the city of Pilsen ... Plzeň in Czech. We picked up some literature. Upon reading the literature we said, "If we are ever here again we will visit Pilsen. This morning we caught the 10:05 train from Prague to Pilsen. It is less than a two hour trip. Riding on the bus takes only an hour, but we love riding trains and as we were in no hurry we opted for the train. A young Czech woman, a high school senior and a professor from Germany shared a compartment with us. The young woman was going to Pilsen to interview at an art school that she ... read more
Pilsen 14th century tombstone St. Bartholomew
Entrance to St. Bartholomew Church
view from the top of  St. Bartholomew

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