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Europe » Czech Republic » Olomouc Region » Olomouc March 31st 2017

The plane circled the modest airport at Brno, before making a descent. The descent was aborted in a controlled fashion and the voice from the cockpit announced that another aircraft had strayed on to the runway. If we were landing at Heathrow or somewhere similar, I doubt the story would have had such a relaxed ending! All is well that ends well, as they say. I scoured the runway perimeter for the offending light aircraft and spotted the likely candidate near the gliding club section. The minor delay could mean missing the 76 bus into the city centre and the lengthy hold ups at passport control left me to fret on the chances of making the connection. Is this retaliation kicking in for Brexit or have the locals been on a training course at Luton? The ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Olomouc Region » Olomouc December 19th 2016

We drove our car 3,300 km from Minsk, Belarus where we are teaching to see the cities, Christmas markets and quiet snow covered countryside of Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic and eastern Germany. The majority of our 3 week tour was spent in friendly Czech Republic. Our first stop in Olomouc for three nights turned out to be our favorite city because of its lack of other tourists, awesome Christmas market, spiced wine, and beer spa. This quaint old town feels alive with locals filling the two main squares. We loved the sculptures around every corner.... read more
Olomouc - The best Christmas market in Czech Republic
Warming up
Beer spa at Svatovaclavsky Pivovar

Europe » Czech Republic » Olomouc Region » Jeseník October 26th 2014

We were in our cottage in the mountains... The weather wasn´t good, but we went to walk with our dogs... Fog, fog and still fog... and suddenly a great view... More in my pictures...... read more
Čerňava - Šerák

Europe » Czech Republic » Olomouc Region » Olomouc August 15th 2014

Day 4, country 2! We have moved on to the Czech Republic! After arriving into Prague we dropped off bags at our hostel before heading into town! (Not before Louise managed to forget the pass code to her lock and we spent a good 20 minutes trying to remember it!). We literally had about 7 hours in Prague which is a real shame as it Is a really beautiful city! We wondered around the old town and towards Charles Bridge, stopping at a local restaurant ( I think we take it for granted that people are no longer allowed to smoke in British restaurants. ...!) This morning we began the Busabout Tour! There are about 43 on the tour but everyone is extremely friendly and talkative. The bus is made up of about 90% Ausys with ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Olomouc Region » Olomouc April 9th 2014

We took a morning train to Olomouc, a university town. For some reason, the train carriages reminded me of the train in Harry Potter, which made me giddy with excitement (Yes, I still believe that one day, I shall receive my acceptance letter). When we reached Olomouc, we realised that barely anyone spoke English and we needed to get to the town centre (oh the joys of travelling). Luckily for us, a kind Samaritan with fluent English approached us and offered to bring us to our hostel. We stayed in the Poet's Corner, a nice cosy hostel just minutes away from the town centre. The owner gave us a brief overview of what we should see and eat. It was well into the afternoon and so we set off to St. Wenceslas' Cathedral, afraid that we ... read more
Prague Train Station
Scenery on the train
Scenery on the train

Europe » Czech Republic » Olomouc Region July 4th 2013

R July 4 – Our original plan for yesterday was to visit the Punkva cave, but my guide book said that this tour can sell out weeks in advance in the summer, and that we should call ahead. Luckily Yvonne had a friend who could do just that, and found out that it was sold out for yesterday but we could reserve tickets for today, so we did. We took an early train to Blankso and then found that there was no bus going to the caves at that time, so we looked for a taxi. There were no taxis nearby, so we went back to the train station to ask about it and luckily the man spoke English and called a cab for us. So nice. Once we arrived, we picked up our tickets and ... read more
Our walk to the cave
4m long stalagtite/stalagmite combo

Europe » Czech Republic » Olomouc Region » Olomouc July 2nd 2013

Tuesday July 2 – Today we woke up quite early for a day trip to a town called Olomouc (pronounced Olla-moats. Nothing in Czech sounds like it looks). We got a train there, which took two hours. We had a compartment to ourselves, which was really nice. A lot of talking and laughing ensued. Once there, we did some sightseeing which started with the city hall. It has an astronomical clock that has figured that move every hour, but instead of the normal clocks that have saints, this one had good communist workers. It wasn’t that exciting, but it was still interesting. It ended with a metal rooster crowing, which was the best part. Afterwards we grabbed some food at a vegetarian restaurant and continued to see the sights – more of the town, churches, etc. ... read more
Street view
Astronomical clock
Holy Trinity Column

Europe » Czech Republic » Olomouc Region » Olomouc September 5th 2012

For the drive to Olomouc, we decided to take the highways for the first part of the journey then turn off the highway and program the Garmin to take us over secondary roads. This meant we could see more of Poland and the Czech countryside. All was going to plan as we travelled through the small towns in Poland getting nearer to the border. We took a detour to look at a local site and we turned the Garmin off while we had a look at a local mansion house. When we returned to the car and tried to turn the Garmin on, nothing happened. Ohhh... heck! The back-of-beyond in Poland with no map! We decided to carry on until we found a town with wifi. We soon crossed the border into the Czech Republic where ... read more
Olomouc clocktower
Olomouc. One model with another
Olomouc streetscape

Europe » Czech Republic » Olomouc Region » Olomouc May 22nd 2012

An diesem Tag bin ich von Kutna Hora nach Schloß Konopischt gefahren, wo ich an einer Führung teilgenommen habe. Danach bin ich in die Stadt Olmütz gefahren.... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Olomouc Region » Olomouc May 13th 2011

We left Tallinn by bus, after a quick detour to the airport when the taxi driver took us to the wrong place. The trip to Riga was smooth and comfortable – flat for kilometre after kilometre. Forests, farms and puddles where the spring melt had not yet dissipated. Riga was a great surprise, with a beautiful historic centre, lots of people and lots of drinking going on. Our digs were quite close in to town. Our bedroom was also quite close – to the trams that rumbled by all day and half the night. Fortunately the local supermarket sold Russian beer in 1litre cans. As well as the usual walk around town we took an hour or so to visit the Occupation Museum (along, it seemed, with a thousand kids). The poor Baltic States. First it ... read more
Space age flight to Warsaw
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - Warsaw
St Marys church - Krakow

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