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November 7th 2008
Published: November 7th 2008
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holy moly i've been putting this off! first in a week? what are you doing man! well, it serves me right that i come to type this on the most confusing keyboard yet, so we'll see how far we get. not too far i would guess! so yes, as the bit at the side of this entry will inform you, i am currently in olomouc, czech republic. also, as anyone who has been bombarded with texts will also tell you, its pretty dang awesome. i wouldnt say its as good as slovenia, but it's miles above everywhere else. its just so relaxed here, so easy, i wake up and the only thing i think is 'where shall i walk today?'. thats a pretty cool position to be in truth be told. my only worry is what book i'm going to read next, and how i'm going to get to poznan for the flight home. i think that will require me going and spending a night in poland somewhere, but i am seriously thinking about staying here till the day before, then getting a night train. i'll be dead tired, but this place is proper ace. i could live here (im sure we've heard that before), definitely.

so what have i done in the last week? well, the last entry was in vilnius, so i'll go from there. when i was in tallinn, i met an english guy called nick and an american girl called kate outside a bar, who seemed really nice. by a great coincidence, i then bumped into these 2 in the hostel in vilnius, and it turned out kate was getting the same night bus as me to warsaw that night. awesome! as anyone who has got a night bus will attest, they arent the most exciting of journeys, so it was nice to have someone to chat with for a portion of it. she did however bagsy the back seat (there were only 4people on the entire bus), so she slept a bit, and i didnt. lame! so we arrived in warsaw at 5am sunday morning, had a few discussions with a couple of taxi drivers, got a tram and arrived at the hostel, where we were told we could check in...

...at 3pm. Hah! so kate slept in the lounge area, and instead of doing the same like any sane person, i decided to head out into the streets and wander. and as the facebook status would say, i seemingly had the capital city of poland all to myself. it was awesome! so i got the feeling of a sunrise in a city of tall buildings, and it was all mine. definitely a moment right there. so went back to the hostel, and didnt sleep aside from a 30minute nap, which doesnt count. i had already decided that because of all that walking i did in the morning that i was going to get me a train to olomouc the next day, and i had that booked. anyway, at the hostel i met back up with kate, and also met some new folk! there was a half israeli, half slovakian guy called Liarn (everyone called him Liam) who was really awesome, 2german girls whose names i cant recall, and an australian, whose name i cant recall either, but he wasnt really important. he was a bit of a fool to tell the truth.

anyway, we had a few drinks, and it was really nice. kate is awesome, liam was awesome, and fun was had. me and kate went out in search of a quiet bar, and after giving up on that, we took to singing in the streets. a disgraceful version of 'el scorcho' was followed by an even worse version of 'the district sleeps alone tonight', but it was still awesome fun. i found out yesterday that she is a fiona apple fan, so that could have been a lot worse than it was, truth be told. so we got back to the hostel, where we met a guy from doncaster called gus, who was in warsaw for a few days of drinking with a friend. i know that sounds like the british nightmare, but he was actually a really nice guy. fair play. went to bed, happy in the knowledge that a fun night was had, and that i had a morning train to olomouc where i would have more fun. the next morning, kate wakes me up and asks me, 'what time is your train?'.

it was an hour earlier. i missed the lame train! words do not do justice to how angry i was, so i stalked (its definitely the right word) the streets of warsaw in anger, booked the same ticket for the next day and decided the day would be a right off. and it was, but the evening was pretty fun. liam was still around which was nice, and the guys from doncaster were still there so we had some nice chats, it was nice to talk about football again to tell the truth. we also met an american girl called hannah who was super awesome, i was going to meet up with her in bratislava today, but unfortunately/fortunately i havent made it there, so thats a bit sad. she was ace though. so had another nice drinking evening, and made my train! woo!

and so concludes another blog entry. i have been in olomouc for 4 days, but as im going to be here until im done i think i'll give it a seperate blog at a later date. so that was my week. check out the awesome pun title.


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