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Trying to set fire to things while on a BBA is difficult for me not to achieve or so it seems. On the BBA V2 we had the burning toast incident at Cumbernaud which resulted in the local fire brigade being called to the Travelodge we were staying in when I overlooked the damage one piece of bread in the toaster could do while I was on Skype with our eldest daughter. It is not that we have burnt any hotel rooms as yet but today we or should I came close and I must take full responsibility for this morning’s close call. Our apartment here in Lohberg is large with a separate kitchen/dining room to the lounge and the bedroom. I had got the pan out of the cupboard and put some water in it ... read more
Avenue of trees,Czech Republic
Entertainment in the colonnade

It's been a busy morning...confirming plans/info...going to the train station (of course, walking!) to get my train the grocery store to pick up some food items to eat for the train ride...I can't wait to get on the train and relax! The effects of that mini-massage yesterday? Gone-zo! However, even my usual ones back home, they wear off quick too with life's craziness! Okie doke - so I'm off to Gerhard's town...which I don't think is Wurzburg...that's just the closest train station to it. I leave today, in a couple hours, and I arrive at be greeted by his sisters! How cool is that? I'll be staying with his family until Monday, when I set off for Brussels, Belgium at noon, arriving there at 5pm-ish there, too! There I'll visit (quick) with my hip ... read more

I had a 20-minute mineral bath in a huge tub, with lavendar and all kinda jets... Then I had a 20-minute back/neck massage... And lastly, I had a 20-minute foot reflexology/massage! All for the bargain price of $50. I'm a bit much so that it's hard to type! Ok, I walked to get here to type this to y'all, so it's not that bad! :) I wasn't sure of the custom of tipping here, either...and it seems English is the last language anyone speaks around's all about Czech, German and Russian - ok, so I studied Russian for 2 years, but 1) it was a long, long time ago...and 2) I remember some basics, but wasn't ever conversational! :) Bottom line, I said screw the gut wanted to tip my massage guy, a ... read more

It is truly a breath of fresh air here! I arrived yesterday, after a little diversion en route by train! When I purchased my ticket, I asked if I needed to change trains...and was told no. When I got onto the train, I confirmed (as I typically do) I was on the right train. Most of the time I know I am...but hey, a little added assurance goes a long way (before getting too comfy!). So I asked this nice lady, and she confirmed I was on the right train. About 2 hours into a 3 hour train ride...I was told by the "nice lady" that we had to get off the train. Uhm, you guessed it...I'm thinking, "...but I was told I didn't have to change...!?" It was quite the scene, 'cuz she was trying, ... read more

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