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Today the X1 would get another day off. We would spend our entire day “taking the cure” in the spa town of Karlovy Vary. But first breakfast. Zlatý Sloup didn't offer as big a selection as our German hotels had featured, but it was more than adequate. No soft-boiled eggs but scrambled instead. There were also breakfast sausages and oatmeal to go along with the usual tray of cold cuts and cheese. I left the table satiated. Lest anyone think I wasn't having a good time here based on my somewhat sarcastic comments regarding our arrival in the Czech Republic, it certainly wasn't that I disliked being here. It's just so different from Germany, especially Bavaria. The Czechs we met in the service industry seemed a rather dour lot. I can't recall any smiling or attempting ... read more
Our own private car
The cost is cheap but the ride is steep
We wimped out

Sundays in Europe can be a tad depressing. Even though the Europeans are even less religiously devoted than Americans they do still believe in observing the Sabbath. Especially in Germany. Most stores and businesses are closed. Restaurants, hotels and souvenir shops remain open because all the rest of the Germans are out and about enjoying life.. They absolutely love gathering the family to take a ride, or preferably to take a walk in the countryside. Nothing much gets done on Sundays except relaxing. With this in mind I set up our itinerary to use Sunday for my longest drive of our vacation. Not that the distance from Nürnberg to Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic is especially far, but I planned to take a scenic drive through northern Bavaria to get there. Research recommended either going by way ... read more
Egg cozys for every situation
Modern Nürnberg
Just another town and another castle on the hill

Our 2 week road trip round the Czech Republic starts in the car rental hall at Prague airport. We prebooked a Skoda Superb (surely a contradiction in terms?) as being the car with the largest luggage capacity, an important consideration when there are four of us, with three suitcases between us. Things get off to a bad start when the guy on the desk tells us they had us down as arriving at 8am not 2pm. Clearly, they have rented our car to someone else. He gives us a set of keys. We track down a saloon car with a clearly inadequate capacity. Back to the desk. Eventually we get an Kia Sportage SUV which is far bigger than either Sara or Hannah were expecting or wanting to drive. David drives. Our first destination is ... read more
Colonnade, Karlovy Vary
Drinking spring, Karlovy Vary
Colonnade interior, Karlovy Vary

It has been an insane 48 hours, since I last blogged I have travelled more that 5.5 hours out of Prague, back and up to Prague Castle. Three of the girls, one of the guys and I all went to Karlovy vary which is the spa town of Prague and is currently hosting the 49th International Film Festival. It was built (or founded really) in 1350 by King Charles V, it became a well known and touristy area when natural mineral springs were found and opened to the public. Every spring has a different name and a different temperature ranging from 30-74 degrees. You can drink them too but apparently they have a strange resemblance to urine as a few of the girls and guys found out... It's about a 2.5 hour journey outside of Prague ... read more

Geo: 50.2322, 12.8713 GÜN 42 GÜNLERDEN ÇARŞAMBA: Sabah uyanır uyanmaz bir aktivitedir gidiyor. Şahbaz'ı(Minibüsüm) parıldattım.Kendimi parıldattım..Kahvaltı yaptım..İnternet yaptım..saat 11:00 e doğru Ayşe'yi uyandırıp, Şahbaz'ın içini toparladık..Adeta büyük bahar temizliği.. Bulunduğumuz yer şehre 5 km mesafede.Şehri dolu dolu gezmek için ,şehrin içinde bir yer kiralamanın daha rahat olacağına karar verdik .Booking com vasıtasıyla bir pansiyon kiraladık. Buradan ayrılırken, kibarlığımızdan borcumuz ne kadar diye sorma gafletinde bulundum. Aslında dün 20 ye anlaşmıştık. Otelin görevli çakalı 25 dedi…gözünün içine bakarak 20 liği parmaklarının arasına sıkıştırdım. Bu kadar yeter dedim ..Bir seferde anladı.. Yokuşu inip şehre daldık.Yerimiz ... read more
Atanın izinde

Geo: 50.2322, 12.8713 GÜN 41 GÜNLERDEN SALI: Bugün yolumuz bayağı uzun ama Görges'in kahvaltıları kaçırılacak gibi değil.. Yine ,anı defterine ,bir şeyler karaladık ve yolumuza çıktık..Herhangi bir sorun yok Mainz ,Wiesbaden,Frankfurt Würzburg'u, sular seller gibi aştık. Nurnberg yakınlarından geçtik ama hududa vardığımızda MIO sapıttı .. Almanlar, eski Carslberg'i, Çeklere kaybettiklerinden ve kuyruk acısı taşıdıklarından ötürü,bir türlü hududu işaret eden levha koymaktan kaçınıyorlar .. Karlovy Vary, levhasını takmak onlara acı veriyor anlaşılan. Öğle yemeğini Ikea'da yedik. Burası çok avantajlı …devasa parkı var …üstelik ne yediğimizi biliyoruz . Bu arada, çoktandır aradığım ,dolap kulplarıma da kavuştum.. Saat 17:30 gibi Karlovy Vary 'ye vardık. Derhal Sovyet tür... read more
Love is everywhere

This is started on the bus out of Karlovy Vary (KV) to Plzn (pron. Pilsen as in beer! – as if we need more). Better compact this or we will be here all day. (and posted at 4.30pm 8 June from the Best Western in Plzn) 6 June – got bus from Prague to KV which took 2h15min or so. Unfortunately on the way there were some very heavy downpours and when I arrived it continued to dribble form time to time, so I had to take shelter while walking to the hotel. This seemed to take an hour around the curving hillside way, with rain stops and false turns as LP map not that complete. This morning on way back to bus station with no stops and very brisk (and knowing where I was going) ... read more
Grand Hotel Pupp KV
Quisisana Palace something
Spa No.1

Europe » Czech Republic » Karlovy Vary Region » Karlovy Vary November 14th 2010

Karlovy Vary – a feast for the eyes We met the AMA Waterways group that had been in Prague to transfer on the bus with them to Nuremberg. We were stopping about halfway (2.5 hours) at the spa town of Karlovy Vary. A very special town for the rich. Karlovy Vary is an old town. It's original Germanic name is Carlsbad ("Charles' Baths"). The reference to "baths" was quite accurate, as the city's thermal springs made it into a very popular spa town that was being rediscovered by westerners since the end of the Cold War. As Czech moved closer and closer to full integration with the West, Karlovy Vary (just a stone's throw across the German border) became one of the Republic's darlings. Karlovy Vary was a feast for the eyes. I was greatly impressed ... read more
Hotel Romance
Photo 3
Photo 4

In 1984 I started Kindergarten, the Soviets boycotted the Olympics and Big Brother was watching (but not in the Diary Room or the communal showers). It was also the last time central Europe had such a cold winter. The snow started mid December, conveniently disappeared for Our Scottish Christmas in France and returned shortly after. The mercury has rarely popped over zero until this last week, meaning the snow mounds had become ice mounds on every curb and we faced a perilous climb over them to get into the car! There have been a few things that have helped us get over the freeze, not least of which is the bragging rights we feel we've earned from surviving such a winter! Although it was easier for some...Just as the frost set in, the girls set off ... read more
Berry Picking near Albury
Steph, Dahlia and Kristi in front of Lake Vättern
A Steamy Karlovy Vary Canal

KARLOVY VARY Day 42 Today I left the kindness of Carlos and Paulo’s home to venture back out on my own. My first stop in Czech Republic is Karlovy Vary. Not only is it a beautiful spa town but it is also the home of my papa Charles. As I arrived the sun was beginning to set. This was met with many people coming out for an evening stroll along the colonnades to warm them with the hot spring water. It is the strangest thing to see. So many people reaching into their purses or pockets to pull out these half-mugs and filling them with this hot spring water and sip from the built in ceramic Sippy straw. Literally, they look like mugs that were cut in half! And everyone has them. They all keep ... read more

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