Czeching out the next country over

Published: June 11th 2018
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Sundays in Europe can be a tad depressing. Even though the Europeans are even less religiously devoted than Americans they do still believe in observing the Sabbath. Especially in Germany. Most stores and businesses are closed. Restaurants, hotels and souvenir shops remain open because all the rest of the Germans are out and about enjoying life.. They absolutely love gathering the family to take a... Read Full Entry

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Far better than the mineral waterFar better than the mineral water
Far better than the mineral water

After a long drive and a long walk on a warm day an ice cold normal beer was in order. The fact that this was every bit as good as the Bavarian beers we had been drinking made it even more satisfying. The head on these beers was as perfect as it gets.
My very pleasant Peasant PlatterMy very pleasant Peasant Platter
My very pleasant Peasant Platter

Even though Cevapcici (Eastern European sausages originally from the Balkan states) was on the menu our waitress informed us that they ran out. Since Gail had already ordered her salad I had to make a rushed decision and chose the Peasant Platter. Not a bad alternative even though the bread that came with my sausage, ham, pork, boiled potatoes and sauerkraut was kind of strange tasting. Once Gail saw my meal she realized she would be sleeping on the sofa bed in the drawing room.
They're all chowing down on OplatkyThey're all chowing down on Oplatky
They're all chowing down on Oplatky

While we dined and drank we observed the tourists passing by our outdoor restaurant. Every other one seemed to have bought a big wafer cookie which they were wolfing down as they strolled past.
The Venice of the Czech RepublicThe Venice of the Czech Republic
The Venice of the Czech Republic

Since everywhere we travel seems to have a place they call "The Venice of___", I have decided to term Karlovy Vary CZ's Venice. As we soon discovered when we stumbled upon the masquerade ball, the locals want to think they are Venetians.
Church of Saint Mary MagdaleneChurch of Saint Mary Magdalene
Church of Saint Mary Magdalene

This church was built at the height of Baroque fever in the early 1700's. It's claim to fame is the large crypt that holds the remains of the dead that were exhumed fro the old graveyard this was built over.
Having a ballHaving a ball
Having a ball

Our walk on the other side of the Tepla was cut short when I noticed the commotion in front of the Spring Colonnade (Vřídelní kolonáda). We quickly recrossed the river and joined in the festivities.
I should've used video hereI should've used video here
I should've used video here

I'd love to see how this guy held his viewfinder up to his eye to snap a picture.
A gathering of wierdosA gathering of wierdos
A gathering of wierdos

These costumed re-enactors were eating up the attention that we tourists were giving them. The Champagne helped allay any self-consciousness.
These people are really getting into this.These people are really getting into this.
These people are really getting into this.

I have to admit that the costumes were high quality. They all seemed to be apropos of the time period they were pretending to live in.
Maybe he didn't get the memoMaybe he didn't get the memo
Maybe he didn't get the memo

OK, well one of them didn't realize this was a celebration of 18th Century Venice. I guess he thought it was "A Night at Royal Ascot" circa 1960. At least he wore a mask.
Who's she hiding under that dress?Who's she hiding under that dress?
Who's she hiding under that dress?

Or did she just have one too many Oplatky? It goes straight to the hips.
The Champagne girlThe Champagne girl
The Champagne girl

A catering service flitted about the revelers ensuring they always had a flute of bubbly in hand. Alas, none for the spectators.
Night falls on Karlovy VaryNight falls on Karlovy Vary
Night falls on Karlovy Vary

As pretty as the little town appears in daylight at night it's stunning. Beautifully accented by spotlights and the water's reflection.

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