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The weather had got progressively warmer during our Czech stay. The chilly breeze had disappeared over the weekend and it was all set for the giddy heights of 22 degrees today. We made our way to railway station again. The Other Half set the technology step counter in case I tried to convince her that the ground covered had not been excessive. The return tickets to Kutna Hora were 120 Crowns each. I specified that we needed Kutna Hora Mesto, as opposed to either of the other 2 stations in town. It involved 2 changes, which always make the Other Half nervous. Kutna Hora Hln is actually 5 kilometres from the centre of the town. The attractions in town make it the third most visited place in the Czech Republic after Prague and Cesky Krumlov, so ... read more
Kutna Hora

We drove our car 3,300 km from Minsk, Belarus where we are teaching to see the cities, Christmas markets and quiet snow covered countryside of Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic and eastern Germany. The majority of our 3 week tour was spent in friendly Czech Republic. A stop in Kutna Hora on our way from Olomouc to Prague was oddly interesting. Upon entering this unheated space you descend immediately into a crypt decorated with thousands of human bones (40,000) from plagues and wars. There are bone pyramids flanking the crypt, a large central chandelier, coat of arms, and more. It is a somber and reflective place, but that didn’t deter tourists with their constant thirst for selfies in every situation.... read more
Sedlec Bone Church, Kutna Hora
Sedlec Bone Church, Kutna Hora
Sedlec Bone Church, Kutna Hora

Hello from Prague, My time was up in Vienna and had a few days till April 22, when I am scheduled to return home to California, of course I will have have a 24 hour stop in Istanbul (Thanks to the Turkish airlines' mess-up on my return ticket) which I turned into an opportunity to see the famous Taksim Square at the heart of Istanbul. A sweet and short stopover. I had a few extra days in Vienna till my departure, so I decided to visit the ancient Eastern Europian city of Prague in the Czech Republic which is only a 4 hour bus ride from Vienna. Prague or Paraha for the locals is a city of lights, bridges, castles and magnificent Cathedrals. On the way to Prague, on bus next to me there was an ... read more
The famous Prague Castle
Burial sight of Franz Kafka
The Charles Bridge (Czech: Karlův )

A wonderful weekend outing to a small town near St John of Nepomuk pilgrim church. We have this church in our Czech village at home and wanted to visit it first hand. It is situated in the Central Bohemian Highlands, bordered by lakes and dense forests where Czechs like to ski cross country in the winter. In the summer, the trails are great for hiking. We found a perfect natural cathedral in the middle of a densly forested areas for our Sunday morning worship...interesting complement to last Sunday when we worshiped in an ornate gothic baroque cathedral built in the 1700s. Based on our walking pace, we think we logged about 10 miles on Saturday and 15 or so on Sunday. Good backpacks and sturdy shoes are proving to be valuable assets during this training phase! ... read more
Hotel Talsky Mlyn provided a comfy bed after our long day walksplace to stay
Lower graveyard of the Cistercian monestary
Basicilica of the Cistersian Monestary

Our good friend and travel buddy, Karen (see previous travel blogs for Great Britain 2013 and China 2011), often talks about having a theme for a trip. While we didn't have one planned for this trip, a theme emerged early on in the form of depictions of St. John of Nepomuk. As you know from the first post, we learned about him during our first visit to Prague, where his statue dominates the Charles Bridge the site of his drowning in 1383 on the orders of King Vaclav (Wenceslas) IV. What we didn't realize until we got about the countryside on the bikes is that he is a very popular saint in Central Europe and, in an area where statues and pictures of saints are seen more frequently than anyplace else we've been, he one of ... read more
On the bridge at Telc
In the Bogen town square
On the road near Moson Magyarovar

Thursday 15th May 2014 Well, the day has arrived. We had our stuff at Okolo Bike Hire by 0900 as arranged. It took two trips to get it all there as our suitcases and the saddle panniers with what we need over the next fortnight were too awkward to carry together. It took a little longer than expected to get away, panniers and handlebar bags to fit, tools, spares and maps to pack, and generally to get used to the bikes. A wobbly start on the bike path alongside the river but we met Kev and Jan about 1030, 30 mins later than planned. The worst part of the day followed, winding our way through a bit of pedestrian traffic and following a map which didn't take new detours etc into account. We finally found ... read more
Who's that crossing my bridge?
Town square

Our morning began with the usual daily routine. I trudged down to breakfast with bleary eyes at 6.30am and headed straight for the caffeination station. After breakfast, we headed to the rink and our team physiotherapist Julee worked on my sore neck. The range of motion and pain levels have improved heaps, and I felt fantastic after Julee finished. I had my first pain-free practice in a few days and began to hear choruses of James Brown singing "Ï feel good" as the training session progressed. After training and warm-downs, we had lunch and a three hour rest. As I was checking my emails during the break, I noticed a sharp, throbbing pain in my left shoulder and went to see Julee again. She prodded me with her fingers and declared there were "gremlins" in my ... read more
locker room

The daily routine of training camp can wear one down. Fourteen-hour days leave one knackered out and begging for bed. The day begins with breakfast, off-ice warm-ups, a 1.5 hour training session, and off-ice warm-downs followed by lunch. After lunch, there is chalk talk with the coaches--where each line reviews in a group the "team system" we will be covering during the afternoon training session. So far, we have covered D-zone coverage, breakouts, and forecheck team systems. After chalk talk, we have a one or two hour break. Some of the girls go for a walk to the town plaza, while others nap or read during their down time. Then it's time for warm-ups, a 1.25 hour training session, and off-ice warm-downs followed by dinner. The warm-up and warm-down routines add a considerable amount of time ... read more

We boarded the plane in Auckland full of exhuberance and good cheer. The excitement was palpable as team mates from the Ice Fernz rallied together in the International Airport Terminal amidst hugs and chatter to snap photos of eachother in front of signs that read International Departures. By the time we disembarked in Dubai to switch planes, we were walking like zombies and decidedly less cheerful. Our team seating arrangement onboard the 14 hour flight had been thickly peppered by crying babies. I sat directly behind two women from the United Arab Emirates with their two young children who didn't have to decency to genuinely cry, but insisted on doing the fake-fussy cry nearly the entire journey--a piercing cry that managed to shatter even my sleeping-pill induced wonderland of dreams. By the end of that flight, ... read more
Cranky Kids
Arrived in Prague
Hockey Lions

Prague to Slovakia via Kutna Hora and Brno, 29 May 2013 Today we drove through showers of rain. On Kerrie’s advice we set our anti-divorce GPS to Kutna Hora which is east of Prague. Kerrie went and saw this amazing/weird/creepy Sedlec Ossuary (bone church). In this church there are the bones of 40,000 people of which 30,000 died from a plague. Someone arranged all the bones in an incredible way (see photos). We just walked around with our jaws dropped. There are some amazing things around the world to see and this has got to be one of them!! Thanks Kerrie. Kutna Hora is a town that grew as a result of silver mining. This mine supplied 1/3 of Europe’s silver and is now closed down. It was the 2nd most important city in ... read more
One of the many tunnels
In and around St Barbara Cathederal Kutna Hora Czech Republic (2)
In and around St Barbara Cathederal Kutna Hora Czech Republic (6)

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