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Published: September 5th 2010
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After our tour of Sternberk Castle, see previous entry, we walked down the hill by a different route that led to a parking area. An ancient, overgrown walking trail paralleled the narrow road we walked and ended at a stone bridge. The path was wide enough that walkers and horsemen in single file could have made their way to and from the castle. Surely it would have been easy to defend and there were times in its long history this must have been the case.

There is a modern road just beyond the bridge. We walked across the road to a parking lot. There we saw an inviting, little used path leading up into the mountains. Aren't all trails leading into the mountains inviting? We were not surprised to see a religious shrine beside the path. They seem to be everywhere in Europe. I wish I knew the story behind the painting of the priest and the evil being who seems to be sneaking away. Since we don't know the tale, you can make up your own, so use your imagination. We hiked this trail for a while but we can't agree on an estimate of

how far we walked. A small stream ran on our left and soon we saw a beautiful little waterfall. We walked about fifty yards further up the trail. At that point we saw that the trail continued, but was almost totally overgrown. We decided this was a good place to turn around and make our way back to the village. We could not walk very far because we had to catch the train back to Prague at 3:30 .and the time was approaching 3:00 . Perhaps we will be able to return and hike this trail further into the mountains. If we do we will post another entry. But we won't do it in summer because of the weeds. Perhaps next spring before things sprout would be a better time. However, when we got back to the parking lot we noticed other people starting up a wider, well maintained trail so that may also tempt us.

A variety of wildflowers bloomed beside the trail. The one in the photo was blooming in profusion, there were thousands of them along the trail. They were beautiful to behold.

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Waterfall beside the trail.Waterfall beside the trail.
Waterfall beside the trail.

Though it was small we thought it beautiful.

5th September 2010

when will you be commimg home in pray linda
6th September 2010

It is great hearing from you! I pray all is well with you and your wife. God is good! Thank you for keeping me up to date with your blog Judy

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