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June 4th 2014
Published: June 4th 2014
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Here is another blog entry from me to express my disenchantment about my circumstances I find myself in here. The place itself is real beautiful and I like many things here but not the loneliness of not meeting and conversing with different people. Had a fabulous time in Rovinj today. Rented a bicycle to tour around the city and it cost me 30 Kuna for two hours. Had a lovely lunch with sea bass and spinach and potatoes and a mixed salad but the price was also too high for my taste. It cost me 143 Kuna which came to 154 NOK. It was not worth this large price for the food I received. Because I am on a limited budget I must watch every Kuna I spend and make sure this does not get too expensive for me and I arrive in Norway broke.

Soon I am going to check out some places I have heard about and the prices they offer and see if I can reduce my expenditures. Currently I am paying 294 NOK for one night lodging here in Valalta. After investigating the price to get a room in Rovinj the tourist woman I spoke with could not get me anything under 42 Euro which is even more expensive than here. Ah the expensive life of staying someplace in this country. Fortunately you can find cheap food if you look for it long enough. Normally here I can pay not more than 60 Kuna which is 64.73 NOK for a good dinner of mackerel and vegetables and salad. Even though mackerel is not my favorite fish but anyway the price is right. I told them at the desk I was leaving tomorrow but now I am not too sure if I can find someplace cheaper to stay which is one reason I want to leave here. It is not that the people are not friendly and all say hello to me and treat me well but still the deep connection is difficult to reach and hence I feel left out most of the time.

Just did some research and found naturist camp Istra five kilometers from Porec and instead of paying 36 Euro per day I can pay 21.4 Euro per day and save 1830 NOK over the time of my stay. I will make arrangements to move to this place tomorrow and save some money in the process. They tried to fool me and say there was no other places except this one for this price and all the rest are more expensive. Well I think I will try Istra naturist camping just to find out if it is fine with me to be there and save quite a lot of money in the process. Maybe I do not have the internet connection I have here or the luxury I find here but hey I need to save some money obviously since I am not a rich man. Must go prepare for the move tomorrow. This blog may have to continue in Porec at an internet cafe but you will know soon enough about me when I know more myself.


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