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September 10th 2006
Published: June 16th 2017
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Geo: 44.8236, 13.9119

This morning I discovered the sights of Pula and in the afternoon I went to the beach and baked on the pebbles, then cooled down in the water.

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01 Amphitheatre01 Amphitheatre
01 Amphitheatre

Inside the amphitheatre.
02 Amphitheatre02 Amphitheatre
02 Amphitheatre

Inside the amphitheatre.
03 Amphitheatre03 Amphitheatre
03 Amphitheatre

Inside the amphitheatre.
04 Amphitheatre04 Amphitheatre
04 Amphitheatre

Through the arches the ocean can be seen.
05 Amphitheatre05 Amphitheatre
05 Amphitheatre

At the top, some of the remains of the gutter can be seen.
06 Nearby church06 Nearby church
06 Nearby church

Church tower visible through the arch.
07 Amphitheatre07 Amphitheatre
07 Amphitheatre

View from across the street.
08 Twin gates08 Twin gates
08 Twin gates

Twin gates from the second century that lead to the archaeological museum.
09 City walls09 City walls
09 City walls

The small section of remains of the city walls.
10 Castle walls10 Castle walls
10 Castle walls

The walls of the castle at the top of the hill in town.
11 View from the top of the castle11 View from the top of the castle
11 View from the top of the castle

View of the amphitheatre from the castle.
12 Flag12 Flag
12 Flag

The Croatian flag and the sea.
13 Church13 Church
13 Church

Church bell tower.
14 Temple of Augustus14 Temple of Augustus
14 Temple of Augustus

This temple is from 2BC and has been modified many times.
15 Forum15 Forum
15 Forum

Site of the forum which is currently being discovered.
16 Arch of Sergius16 Arch of Sergius
16 Arch of Sergius

This was built in 27BC!!!

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