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Europe » Croatia » Istria » Novigrad May 12th 2015

Where in the world is Suzy the motorhome ? Novigrad - sounds Russian to me. Have we gone wrong somewhere and turned north instead of south?. No we have not . We are still in Croatia . We have passed through Slovenian no mans land and handed our passports over to the Croatian border guards who gave them a very cursory glance before handing them back without stamping them. So lets try the Italian for Novigrad – Citta Nova . Now that sounds better. Less harsh than Novigrad. New City whichever language you use. We are booked into a lovely campsite Camping Serina which lives up to its name. It is in the hotels grounds and is seriously massive but luckily at this time of year it is relatively quiet . We could have picked an ... read more
Citta Nova
The clock
The ships coming in

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Novigrad June 4th 2013

2013, Tour de Force Wednesday 28th May 2013 So here we are 4 weeks into our 3rd attempt to make it to Croatia. Those of you who are waiting to hear from us, will be wondering what’s going on. We have been entertaining and have been entertained by our good friend Jan Casey. Jan had recently purchased ‘Velma’, an 1983 VW transporter and after several months in the garage undergoing extensive refurbishment, was looking for some company to go on a wee tour of the Loire Valley, if you don’t know Jan, she is French Canadian from Montreal, and speaks French a lot better than we do, so off we all went. Jan has now left us to return bravely on her own back to Ecosse. The weather has not been typically French, all but a ... read more
Veules le Roses
Abbey at Fontenvreau
Henry 3rd and Elenor of Aquataine

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Novigrad September 12th 2012

Dani, our assistant coach was kind enough to offer his tourism services on Saturday after we returned to Austria from training camp. We hit the road early in the morning and made it to the Croatian border by lunch time. We parked the car and strolled around the town of Novigrad until we found a place to leave our things, changed into our suits and drifted in the sea. It was a perfect late summers day. Not a cloud in the sky. After soaking up the sun, we jumped back in the car and drove a little ways further till we reached Porec, another coastal town. There we enjoyed a delicious pizza, and we people-watched as ladies in dresses and men in tights galavanted around the town celebrating in the days Renaissance festivities. We hopped on ... read more
Biking to the Sea
Feeding the birds
Swimming in the Adriatic

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Novigrad December 24th 2010

The story of Neapolis, today's Novigrad, it's like an old tapestry full of lively colors. An ancient city built on an island is the setting of stunning a history written in old records and marked in stone witnesses. Its gentle shores are bathed by the sea rich in fish, and the beautiful nature is fostered by a mild Mediterranean climate. This old fishermen village boasts beautiful streets, ancient churches, old palaces, timeless walls and many other treasures that are carefully preserved as a perpetual reminder of human presence and transience. From Dajla on the north to the mouth of the river Mirna in the south, stretch out places full of brilliant colors and touching beauty. 

It is rich in natural resources, such as its fertile land which richly offers grapes and olives, the high quality stone ... read more

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