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Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split August 1st 2008

Geo: 43.5127, 16.4424Once again we started the day with a sleep in. This morning AJ and Rebekah arrived in Split, so Shona and I went to meet them at the bell tower. We all walked back to our apartment so that they knew where we were staying. We then got ready and went back to the beach for a few hours. The water was beautiful, I love the Adriatic Sea. After the beach we had showers and met up again at the bottom of the bell tower. We walked up the stairs for a sunset view of Split. Dinner time! We had a nice, traditional meal with local wine and spent a few hours. It was really nice to see everyone relaxed and not talking about work! On the way home we found an Irish pub ... read more
02 Bell tower
03 Looking down
04 Up the Tower

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split July 31st 2008

Geo: 43.5127, 16.4424Jess was a star this morning and got up at 6am to go and meet Shona at the port. When the rest of us woke up she was in our apartment having a snooze. We got up and ready, luckily there was a 24 hour bakery around the corner for our late breakfast. After consulting a travel guide and a suggestion from other friends, we decided to head up the hill for a scenic view of the city. I wasn't the keenest on this idea- it was hot and I didn't have walking shoes on. A short while later (10 mins) after leaving our hostel I mentioned that I wasn't really interested in the view. Dee whole heartedly agreed with me and we headed back to the apartment, got our swimming stuff together and ... read more
02 Square
03 Hill with a view
04 Waterfront

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia July 30th 2008

When we left Sydney to live in London, we had plans to visit many countries. Interestingly though, Croatia wasn't on the original list. But after being in London for a year, we had heaps of friends tell us that we HAD to go sailing in Croatia - so we decided that the summer of 08 would be the best opportunity. Erin had also planned for Alicia Sirbadhoo and Andy 'The Rock' Kabok to fly from Australia to join us for the trip. Alicia's great company, and Andy's antics would keep us entertained all trip. Day 1 - London to Split The 4th of July; American Independence Day, and the day we departed for 8 days in Croatia.... At this time last year we were in the Greek Islands (Santorini to be exact), and this year we ... read more
The first of many beers
Our boat - Tvrdi
Andy "The Rock" Kabok & Stace

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Trogir July 30th 2008

27.7.08 … Seget…. Emme ole päässeet oikein mihinkään täältä! On niin kiva vaan oleilla ja makkoilla  22-24.7. Säät olivat myrskyiset: sateli, ukkosteli eikä lämpötilakaan ollut ihanteellinen. Neda kertoi, että tällaisia lukemia ei ole mitattu täällä 30 vuoteen. Keskiviikkona oli vain 19°ja yöllä niin viileää, että kaipasin jopa peittoa, jota meillä ei ollut (vain lakana) ja yritin kaivautua Zollen alle lämpöön! Split… Torstaina 24.7. päätimme lähteä Splitiin aamusta. Matkaa Trogirista on vain 35km ja tie on hyvä, mutta ruuhkainen. matkan varrella on uusia turistikeskuksia rannan puolella, joten liikenne tökkii, kun ihmiset haluavat kääntyä pois päätieltä…Autot joutuvat hiljentämään ja pysähtymään antaakseen tietä, joten soppa on valmis. Sama on kaikkialla rantatien varrella täällä Kroatiassa. Onneksi siis ovat rakentan... read more
Trogirin katedraalissa
Trogirin torilla

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split July 30th 2008

Geo: 43.5127, 16.4424We (Jess, Dee, myself and others) had planned this holiday sooo long ago and now finally its happening! It started with an overnight stay at the airport, around midnight we left home and headed down to Gatwick on the last train of the night. Funnily enough, there were not many people around at this time of the night. We checked in and went through security. The plan was for us to find somewhere to have a bit of a sleep, but I was not tired, so no-one got any sleep. Then I was hungry, Dee heard me mention food and she agreed it was time to eat. Luckily there is a McDonalds here, unlike the other London airports. After a slow and yummy breakfast, shops began to open. We had a browse of duty ... read more
02 Flying over
03 Split
04 Square

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Hvar July 27th 2008

Greetings, once again from the beautiful Island of Hvar. Dave and I ended up staying here a bit longer than planned as we just love this place. Yesterday was my favorite day I¨ve had on Hvar. Dave and I rolled out of bed around 11ish, surprised that we werent more hungover from the 19820340 Croatian beers we drank the night before at a local bar that played every kind of music from hip hop to Celtic music to Salsa to good old "Let¨s Twist Again". Mind you, we may not have been hungover because the beer bottles were the same size as liquor bottles offered in a mini-bar at a Holiday Inn. Despite the miniscule drinks, well, and the fact that deoderant companies really need to up their advertising here in Croatia, it was a pretty ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik July 25th 2008

Hello again sports fans. Sorry that I haven't written in quite some time, but I have reached my destination (and been here for a while). That means that I have to go to classes and such, and frankly there is not too much to do that would be worth blogging about daily, so I'll roll it into one big one. Basically my daily routine is wake up for 4 hours of class, grab lunch + nap, hit the beach for a few hours, dinner, rinse, repeat. While my mom would love to read about daily beaching, its not frankly all that exciting, but I will tell you a bit about it. When I think about the beach back home, I think of 2 things: sand and surf... Croatia lacks both. There are rocks everywhere, not sand ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Hvar July 25th 2008

Greetings from the beautiful island of Hvar! Croatia is one of the most breathtaking places I have ever been. Quaint cities, huge mountain ranges, beautiful islands, national parks galour...this place has just about everything to offer. Believe it or not, after the most traumatizing boat-ride of our lives, Dave and I boarded another 6-hour ferry to Hvar yesterday morning. Thankfully we found ourselves on a mucb bigger boat which stayed much closer to the shore, offering a much smoother ride (and amazing views). We are staying in a cute little apartment in the same building as a nice group of Austrailians we befriended a few days ago on "the ferry from hell". We were originally in a place up the road, but it was too far from town, and we had a little incident with the ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik July 23rd 2008

Hi Everyone. I know I still owe you a proper entry about Italy, and intend to do so as soon as I have a few minutes. However, I feel much more of a need to tell you about our lovely little day of travelling yesterday. Also, just a little sidenote, these brilliant Croatians thought it would be a funny gamem to play on the unsuspecting tourists to switch the "z" and the "y" on the keyboard. I will try my best to adjust, but please excuse the mistakes. Also, I cant seem to find the apostrohe on this thing, so you will have to do without that as well. We left Positano yesterday morning on a wonderful ferry that took us along the amulfi coast and landed us in Solerno which is just north of Sicily. ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Trogir July 23rd 2008

Täällä on ollut melkoisen vaihtelevat säät… Kuuma aurinkoinen ja tuuliset, jopa myrskyiset ilmat ovat vuorotelleet. Emme ole olleet kovinkaan aktiivisia, vaan keskittyneet enimmäkseen oleilemiseen. Sunnuntaina, 20.7 kävimme vastapäisessä saaressa, Donji Okrugissa (tässä kielessä eivät vaivaudu käyttämään turhia vokaaleja, vaan olettavat, että kuulija keksii ääntämisen luonnostaan…mm. Hvar, Krk, Bma, Trstenik…) . Sinne pääsee autolla läpi järkyttävän ruuhkaisen Trogirin. Matka sinne ei ole kovin pitkä, arviolta n. 6km, mutta ajo kesti liikenneruuhkan takia varmaan tunnin. Rannan nimi on Kava ja siellä on jonkinlainen marmorikaivos, jota ei enää käytetä. Se on erotettu puomilla ja maksaa autoileville vieraille 10Kn. Kava sijaitsee ihan saaren pohjoiskärjessä. Rannat ovat jyrkät ja vaikeakulkuiset, mutta välillä on aina pikkukivisiä poukamia, ... read more
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