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September 1st 2006
Published: September 3rd 2006
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After much drama, I finally got to Dubrovnik Croatia. Had every intention of staying at the youth hostel, but got accosted in the laneway by a little old lady called "Mamma Maria" to stay in her house (known as "sobe"). Not a bad deal; got my own room with share bath, brekky and laundry for around $28 a night. She's got a great enterprise going. Up early in the morning to offer brekky to the people from the youth hostel, or corner more travellers like myself in the laneway. If that doesn't work it's down to the main bus station to drum up business. Even rents out her own double bedroom while she sleeps in the kitchen. It's the best option for staying in Croatia as the hotels are quite expensive.

The happening place is Dubrovnik Old Town, but it was really crowded with large cruise ships docking every day. Basically chilled out and wandered around aimlessly taking in the sights. Even did some bus hopping to check out where the locals hung out and the fresh fruit/veg and fish markets.

The Croats could give the Italians a run for their money. I've been gorging on seafood, pasta, pizza,
Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Dubrovnik

Old Port
more pizza, more pasta - all the good fattening stuff. Weather's been superb, and the beaches are nice albeit with pebbles instead of sand. A top country for a driving holiday - the coastline rivals the Great Ocean Road. Very relaxing.

Also took a day trip to Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina; I'll write about this in a separate entry.

Then it was onwards to Split, about 4.5 hours to the north. The Old Town is located within the walls of the retirement palace of the Roman emperor Diocletianus which dates from 295 AD. I really like that they've retained the structure and people live and work within the fortress walls - quite medieval. A bit of deja vu happening here - booked into another sobe (this time from an old lady at the bus terminal, who sleeps in the tool shed), wandered around some more and been feasting on more seafood, pasta, pizza....

Ooh yeah, toughest thing is to decide what to eat, and make sure my waistline doesn't expand exponentially with all these carbs. Tomorrow I start my 7-night cruise down the Dalmation Coast; hope the weather remains fine.

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Missile ShotMissile Shot
Missile Shot

Reminder of the war in the wall of the Franciscan Monastery in Dubrovnik
Garlic ladyGarlic lady
Garlic lady

No vampires on her
Basement HallsBasement Halls
Basement Halls

Private palace rooms under the city

8th September 2006

Damn those calamari look nice...
10th September 2006

Fodd food food.....
Hey Ges, the calamari and seafood pasta looks so good....very jealous of your adventures, wish I was with you! Especially climping that mountain in Morroco! Still heading to Lebanon? Will eat wonton noodle soup for you back here at home...

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