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September 9th 2009
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We did have ideas of driving into Split and taking the ferry to the island of Hvar for the day but Split is 24km away and the ferry timetables we found on the internet meant either an early morning or late afternoon departure neither of which were attractive to us.So we are going to spend the day just relaxing on Ciovo Island and take a walk or two from our apartment.
So with no schedule to work to we had another leisurely breakfast and afterwards headed up the hill to see whether we could get a view over the other side of the island from the top of the hill.
Today we had the sense to take water with us and although it was just a gradual climb up to the crest of the hill we were pleased to have that water with us as the heat was building quickly like yesterday.
The island we are staying on is undergoing development of new houses with many of them having holiday apartments built into the owners house.The top of the hill is yet to be built on but there were a couple of blocks of land with signs advertising them for sale.And although the view from the top wasn’t 365 degrees it was panoramic out to the seaward side of the island.Just how much a piece of land would cost here is anyone’s guess but now would be the time to get in and buy.
Looking back down to a bay we cannot see from our apartment we decided that we would stroll down and see just how good it looked close up.
On the way down we went past the church that has a bell that tolls every hour.
As it was the anniversary of Grandad passing away we stopped in at the church for a few quiet thoughtful moments.The church was quite new and of a very plain but functional design.
The streets down to the other bay seemed more organised and the houses more fully completed than over where we are staying.Many of the houses have grapes growing on pergolas and there are even a few that have kiwifruit vines with good size fruit.
One of the interesting additions attached to the rocks leading down to the water are stairs made of aluminium making it easy to get into the water over the rocks.A little further around we reached the beach which is similar to the one we went down to yesterday,no sand just small pebbles for a beach.It doesn’t seem to put people off stretching out to get a tan.They use either a lilo or mats to lie on and presumably they are enough to mean that the hard surface doesn’t get too uncomfortable to be on for too long.
Then it was back home for lunch of bread,gerkins,cheese and tomatoes and of course a cold beer!!
We spent the afternoon chilling out and finding some accommodation for our ongoing journey.The laptop has worked a treat and we have a good dozen or so accommodation websites we use to troll and get the best deals and then make the reservations.
After resting most of the afternoon we were ready for a walk before dinner to work up an appetite and give us a thirst.
The sky had clouded over a little although it was still warm just before 5pm but not inviting enough for Gretchen to take another dip in the Adriatic.So we walked around the full bay to the other side to get a view back to our side and up to where our apartment is.
The locals and the holidaymakers are a tough breed as with no sand to lie on you really do need to ensure that you have something soft underneath you when you stretch out for the sun.
We have decided that either they don't know about skin cancer in this part of the world or the strength of the sun is so much weaker than in NZ as people seem to jie out without any great protection as you don't see them rubbing suntan lotion on when they get to the beach.
We still had the hill to climb on the last leg of the journey and we were ready for that cold beer by the time we got home.
Dinner tonight is a bit more modest than last night.We did have fish but this time in the form of fingers.
The neighbours upstairs have got the proprietor cooking for them tonight and we watched them head upstairs with plates full of something that was going to be cooked on the BBQ.
After dinner while we are enjoying the balmy evening on the terrace we saw two lights move steadily across the clear sky from west to east in a general direction following each other.At first I thought they were aircraft coming in to land at Split airport a short distance away from where we are staying.However Gretchen noticed that the lights were not flashing and she maintained that if they were aircraft lights then they would have been flashing.
So we deduced they must have been satellites.The sky is quite clear at night and while there is not a lot of light from the town but we have not seen a lot of stars.
It has been a restful time here and with the apartment well appointed we have been very comfortable but it is time to move further north tomorrow for a couple of one night stays before we leave Croatia.

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6th October 2009

re satelites
I know this is a bit late but I seem to remember at the time there was a mission to the International Space Station in progress. I have seen this once before when the Shuttle separates from the ISS and waits about 50km away pending re-entry. Wonder if that is what you saw

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