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July 18th 2006
Published: July 18th 2006EDIT THIS ENTRY

I am on the island of Korčula right now.

I am exhausted.

I am sick.

I am crabby as hell.

Maybe it's from spending too much time in the sun (although I've been careful to SPF-it and only lie out in the later afternoon when the sun isn't so strong) and not rehydrating enough.

Maybe I caught one of those "got it on an airline/ferry/other enclosed method of transportation" sort of bugs.

Or maybe, after eight years of university life, the novelty of a passel of inebriated frat boys (or in this case, Aussies) shouting their special rendition of "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" at 4-fricking-30 in the morning has finally worn off. (Already sniffling, I had gone to bed at 3). This particular group was in the room next to me at the hostel, but since the wooden walls are thin and our respective balconies are about one foot apart, I may as well have been in there chugging Karlovačko with them until the sun rose.

Although I had told the hostel owner last night that I'd stay one more night, I haven't paid for tonight yet, and therefore declined at the desk, retrieved my passport this morning, and got the hell out of there. I still haven't decided what to do. My original intention this morning was just to take the afternoon bus to Dubrovnik (as I had roughly planned in my trip itinerary), but now, after being awake for a few hours and reevaluating my condition - which is completely exhausted and crap-like - I am thinking of getting a private room somewhere and just sleeping all day. Ooh. Sleep. And Kleenex. And pseudoephedrine. That sounds so nice.

Understandably, I will not be posting any photos on this blog entry, unless you want to see a pic of me looking like the living dead or possibly sneaking back into the hostel to pour Karlovačko over the sleeping heads of this morning's noisy revellers. Ha ha. That would be fun.

Told you I'm crabby. The Split and happier Korčula pages will have to be posted some other time. Sweet dreams.


18th July 2006

Hi . Sorry to have missed you in slovenia but I'm happy that you are having a good time even though you got sick. Um, I just wanted to give you a tip that I picked up when I was in Bosnia. I don't know if the guide books write about this but since you like burek so much, you should know that in Bosnia they sell burek by the kilo. You don't get a piece like in Slovenia but you have to tell them how much you want...100g., 200 g. etc. HAve a good time and keep the pictures coming. Monika
18th July 2006

Awww - hugs!
Poor you, hope you get lovely lovely sleep sometime soon (I also am sleep deprived, ah, hostels) *hugs* x ju
19th July 2006

I know how you feel!
Ah, there are the Righteous Brothers ;) Poor thing. I find that I keep getting flu-y in the intense heat of this summer, but what are we supposed to do in 33 degree heat?! I actually find that the chills of a healthy fever really make the hot nights more bearable! I hope that you find some air conditioning. Somewhere. [Now I'm internally laughing at the prospect of European air conditioning.] Jxx

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