Day 7, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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September 4th 2015
Published: September 9th 2015
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Day 7 Dubrovnik

Day 7 Dobrovnik, Croatia. Bus tour that took us into the Croatian countryside. We stopped at a small farm and were shown how olive oil was pressed for 250 year until the introduction of hydraulic presses. The olives are placed into the crushing vessel and the horse is then walked around the circle to rotate the 2 stone wheels. Once the olives are turned into a paste it is shoveled into coconut woven bags and placed under the press. The first pressing (extra virgin oil) is the first oil that is produced. The oil runs out of the press and into a water filled container. Since oil floats on the water, they wait for any sediment in the oil to drop out and then scoop off the oil. The second pressing is helped along by the addition of some hot water to release more oil and then scooped up the same way. There may be a third pressing and this oil is used for soap and oil lamps. We were given a light snack of cheese prosciutto, olives and or course wine. (9:30 in the morning! I love it here). Back onto the bus and off to Stone (which was translated from the word for swamp). Since this was a strategic location a fort and walled city was created. That also leaves a very small area to concentrate all of the people in. the walls extends op the mountain to prevent anyone slipping in. Part of the reason for protecting this area is the salt pans which are behind the city. Back in those times salt was worth as much as silver, so it had to be protected. Shopping, shopping, shopping…. Back on the bus with the loot.

Tomorrow Kotor, Montenegro.

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Horse drawn olive grinderHorse drawn olive grinder
Horse drawn olive grinder

Don't feel bad for the horse. 25 year sold and only works 10 minutes per day

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