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August 28th 2012
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It's been quite a gap again.

So we got the most dodgy night train from Serbia which was about 16 hours long. For the first 7 or so hours we had to share cabins with a dodgy French couple who were fucking annoying but who found Matt's melted chocolate fiasco amusing. (He couldn't find food at the station because he's retarded so he just bought Clipsies and chocolate). Also, we fucking love Clipsies.

After the French fucked off we military secured the cabin to ourselves and played strong sexy stud cards whilst getting hammered to our hearts content. We then had some form of semi-retarded philosophical conversation about everything in the world.

We arrived in Brela hungover and confused about our lives, made even worse by the terror of securing bus tickets from split to Brela. We managed it in the end though, and our mood was soon lifted as we began to see tiny coves and beautiful clear sea.

The next three days were just spent in the sun by Brela's sexy mascott rock and in Gregs dodgy hostel. Matt was loving life snorkling and chillaxing on the lilo. I tanned like a champ for the first and last day, but the middle day was a day of internal turmoil, not even of the emotional kind.

Other notable events include: Harrassing stray kittens, watching CSI miami for hours, the Italian woman who was a mental bitch and seriously believed me when I told her we mainly speak French in England, stealing a pink towel which just mysteriously vanished and then stealing another towel from the ocean floor (swimmers lungs).

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