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June 28th 2012
Published: July 1st 2012
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We went to the market in the morning. It is huge and held every day. At the bottom was the flower part. Up some steps was cheese and vegetables and some household goods. Up more steps was the clothing part. We got fruit and vegetables for our salad. We got bread for dinner and breakfast. It was fun and colorful.

We went in the Cathedral, Croatia’s most important church, Neo-Gothic style. The church was destroyed several times by war and an earthquake in 1880. I lit a candle for Maryella and one for Charlie.

We went to McDonald’s for free WIFI. I still can’t get WIFI at the apartment although Gary can on his Ipad. We sat in the bar next to McDonald’s and had a beer as we worked on internet stuff. I posted 3 days of blogs… got a little behind.

We went back to the place we had dinner last night and got another pizza. It was really good, with a cold beer. Home to rest and cool off after lunch. It was getting hotter, but not like it was on the Dalmatian Coast, maybe just 90!

About 5:00 we got moving again, and we walked to the train station and got our tickets to Hungary. It is about a 30 min. walk. Gary wants us to walk to the train station Saturday morning with out bags. I’m not too sure about it. Ticket for the seven-hour trip were $50.00 USD. We walked back a different way through a beautiful park in the “horseshoe of green.”

We had dinner at home on our tiny patio, tuna salad with fresh lettuce and veggies from the market. There was a concert going on in the neighborhood, lots of activity. We could hear some from our steps but not well enough to sit out too long. A vet, a young woman around 35, came to the house to give the cat vaccinations… what service. We patted the cat, gave it some tuna oil, and went to bed.

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