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Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Varazdin September 20th 2020

Croatia's North East is comprised of 3 administrative subdivisions (zupanije or counties, in Thailand provinces), Zagorje, Varazdin and Medimurje. In the very top bordering to the east to Hungary, to the north-west to Slovenia with about 30 kilometers of Slovenian territory separating it from Austria, lies Medimurje, Nenad county of origin, with its capital city Cakovec. Despite being the smallest Croatian county by size, it is the most densely populated one (excluding Zagreb itself). There are slopes of the Alpine foothills in the north-western part of the county, the Upper Međimurje, making it suitable for vineyards. The south-eastern part of the county, the Lower Međimurje, touches the flat Pannonian Plain, which stretch into Hungary. The flat parts of the region are also largely used for agriculture, which mostly includes fields of cereals, maize, pumpkin and potato, ... read more
impressions of Cakovec

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Varazdin July 13th 2015

When I returned from Ljubljana I thought a lot about possible changes in my plans. It was evident that I was running the risk of staying in Split (planned for the 13thof July, return bus tickets bought in advance) for the whole day (or maybe the bus company would not have a return trip on the same day!) so I quickly decided to cancel the trip to Split and find a closer city for a half-day visit. Having arrived from Ljubljana, I entered the bus station and asked whether it was possible to refund my tickets. Thankfully, they returned the whole money minus a 10% withdrawal. I was perfectly happy with that and went to the hostel. I opened the Google maps and scanned the vicinities, reading about several nearby cities in Slovenia, Croatia, and even ... read more
Church in Varazdin
Varazdin Street in Center

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Varazdin January 30th 2011

Everyone knows that Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia, but only a few know that Varazdin was once the capital of the country. The city is said as the biggest baroque center in Europe after Prague. I have always wanted to visit Varazdin, especially after I read lots of review saying that it's some kind of "Little Vienna", as the Austria-Hungarian royalties chose it as their settlement. Varazdin is around 100 km in north of Zagreb, and only around 60 km from the town I am living in, Bedekovcina. With that short of a distance, I also didn't understand why it took us so long to finally pay a visit to Varazdin. I have been living in Croatia for 4 months, begging my boyfriend, Kiki, to take me there every single weekend, with no result. ... read more
Baroque Furniture
Castle of Poznanovec

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