Waterfalls and more waterfalls, number 1

Published: December 13th 2017
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Geo: 44.7804, 15.6349

Okay folks we made it to Croatia yesterday and Handsome Pop's most anticipated location today, although there are several only a smidgen behind. We sit here composing the blog listening to our kids' favorite songs (Cotton Fields and King of the Road) on an iPhone speaker. We're sure they will be pleased.

Oh the lakes, what can one say? We imagine there were 10-12 levels of lakes, although Bird recalls seeing 16 somewhere. The lakes maintain different elevations, thus there are waterfalls between them, many appearing to flow from the ground. At some locations the water falls from crescents. The water is crystal clear. We thought water in the Caribbean was clear, but here the bottom reaches up to you. However, at least in the Caribbean, it is level where here we were constantly walking up or down; a number of miles were traversed this day. Most all of these miles were traversed without the benefit of rails. So we had folks traveling each way on a three foot walk made from rough cut and generally uneven logs. The better occasions were a rocky path. The person toting the camera was not so much concerned with falling in a lake as falling in a lake WITH the camera.

Today we took the most pictures of any day, one hundred fifty, and then eliminated half of those. We will pick five to send. Perhaps you can see more another time.

Tomorrow we depart for Dubrovnik; we will be in Croatia a total of two weeks.


17th September 2015

These are the most amazing pictures so far. How will you ever be able to top this!

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