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Europe » Channel Islands » Guernsey August 6th 2017

The first port of call for Caribbean Princess was Guernsey and its capital, St. Peter Port. The harbour is too shallow to accommodate large cruise ships, so Caribbean Princess anchored offshore. The ship launched its own boats to serve as tenders to convey passengers ashore. I was looking forward to making a visit to the Channel Islands. There are not many opportunities to visit here during a European trip. Upon arriving at the ferry terminal, greeters in local dress welcomed us. Guernsey's dependence upon the sea was evident as there are three large marinas at the harbour. Slips accommodate local and visiting craft. Ferries operate to England, France and to the other Channel Islands, including the mysterious Sark. St. Peter Port is very tidy with the focus of the entry point a statue of Prince Albert ... read more
Victoria Tower
Vale Castle and Bordeaux Bay
Traditional Guernsey attire

Europe » Channel Islands » Guernsey July 6th 2016

Our deadline for getting to the Channel Islands Custom Office was June 30th. Fortunately on June 28thit looked like a good time to get away from the dock in Cherbourg to head down the Alderney Race and over to St. Peter Port in Guernsey. It wasn’t a lot of wind that day, but that was fine for getting through the “Race”. First off for those of you that aren’t familiar with the term race, it is when there is a narrow stretch of water such as here with only 8 miles between the coast of France and the Island of Alderney. What makes this an interesting area to travel though is that you need to be sure to time your travel through here so that hopefully the wind direction and the direction of the current goes ... read more
While on Our Travels to Guernsey
The Visitor Pontoon where You Wait
Showing the Ledge Holding in the Marina Water

Europe » Channel Islands » Guernsey May 17th 2016

We started our latest adventure by flying from San Francisco to London. Once we arrived at the airport we headed to the Central Bus Station and bought a ticket to Southampton from National Express. We bought a ticket using our credit card and then waited an hour for the next bus. When we arrived in Southampton we walked to our hotel the Southampton West Quay. After checking in we walked around the town and had a beer at a 800 year old pub. The manager was very nice and we bought him a beer which is the equivalent of giving a tip. The next morning it was raining so we took a cab to our ship which was very near by. The ship is the Celebrity Eclipse, which is a beautiful ship. Our ship arrived at ... read more
Stark Island
Stark Island

Europe » Channel Islands » Guernsey May 9th 2016

The Guernsey Ice Cream Caper and Liberation Day! Well, we have been told that Guernsey Cows make the very best ice cream and we are here in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, an island between France and Great Britain, and part of the United Kingdom, to test out that assumption! Before we get started however, we must take a tender to shore as our ship cannot get close to the dock. Tender after tender loads up 100 people each and heads for shore. We finally board and bounce our way across, for 15 minutes, until the 13th century Castle Cornet at the mouth of St. Peter Harbor comes into view through the mist and we reach the dock. The day is overcast but really pretty as we make our way, along with our friends Dave and Sharon, ... read more
Victor Hugo's Home
British Liberating Forces

Europe » Channel Islands » Guernsey August 28th 2015

29th J & W went off exploring the island by bus this morning – Phil and I did some little jobs on the boat then caught a bus out to meet them at the shipwreck museum at Fort Grey in the afternoon. Not such a big museum, but nice to explore the island a little bit more. Overcast when we left but raining quite convincingly once we got there! Last night tonight so J & W took us out for dinner at the Thai restaurant. Very nice meals...once again, slightly different takes on the normal meals for most of them, however the Penang was totally different...never had it like that before. 30th August Up early this morning as John and Wendy were leaving. Taxi booked for 0800 so had a coffee with them before it arrived. ... read more

Europe » Channel Islands » Guernsey August 21st 2015

21st August Alderney Island – Guernsey 24nm Departed 1400 – had to wait for the tide as the current that rips through the Alderney Swinge is extremely strong...that is on the east side of the island...on the west side is the Alderney Race – just as strong currents. We got out from the bay and had a shuddering in the prop. We've had this a while but it usually stops once you put the boat in fwd and reverse a few times, however this time we couldn't stop it. So, we turned around and picked up another mooring. On the way in, I was getting the dive gear ready so Phil could go down and grease the prop. As we'd had this problem for a bit, we thought this would fix it. However, when Phil got ... read more
Looking out to lighthouse

Europe » Channel Islands » Guernsey » St Peter Port August 20th 2013

I’ve just come back from a week-long trip to Guernsey, St. Malo and Cancale. The only other time I visited the Channel Islands was to Jersey for my 30th birthday, and that was awhile ago! So, after getting back from the Vercors and spending a few days in Paris, I decided I'd visit this Anglo-Normand (as the French call the Channel Islands) island over the long August 15th weekend. It's easy to get to Guernsey from Paris: a 3-hour train ride to St. Malo in Brittany and then a 2-hour ferry to St. Peter Port, Guernsey's capital city. I could have gone directly, but I had a nice invitation to spend the night of August 14th in the Saint Servan part of St. Malo chez my friends, C. and L My stopover in this ... read more
C and L on their terrace in Saint Servan
Our crab starter
view of Condor ferry

Europe » Channel Islands » Guernsey » St Peter Port July 22nd 2013

For those of you that only know of the Channel Islands off the coast of California, the ones we sailed to are located 10-30 miles to the northwest of France. The Channel Islands have a very interesting and unique history. When the Normans first controlled Normandy, currently part of France, the Channel Islands were part of Normandy and thus belonged to the Duke of Normandy. In 1066 when the Normans conquered the Anglo-Saxons at the Battle of Hastings, the Duke of Normandy became the King of England. This meant that the King of England not only ruled over England but also controlled Normandy and the Channel Islands. In around 1240 the French took control of Normandy but were unable to get control of the Channel Islands meaning to this day they have remained under the control ... read more
View Before Entering the Marina
The Sill
Tidal Difference

Europe » Channel Islands » Guernsey » St Peter Port July 29th 2010

we left Guernsey early and headed for cherbourg. Mike had been warned that the Alderney Races (narrow channel between Alderney and Cap De la Hague notorious for rip tides and dodgy sea) could be difficult and should be negotiated a good way from the headland. He set our course for 8 miles off the coast of France and headed out. Initially the fast flowing tides helped us and sent us flying along at 15.6 knots (Ozzy usually does 8/9 maximum). This speed soon got VERY hairy! just off the headland of Cap De la Hague the rip tides and under currents chopped right up with big waves cioming at us from every direction and throwing the boat all over the place - I won't lie to you, a litle bit of wee came out. It was ... read more

Europe » Channel Islands » Guernsey » St Peter Port July 28th 2010

Left Dartmouth on July 26th at 6.45am (later than anticipated due to Mike having to pukll an all-nighter to sort his tools and store them!) with sun shining brightly on the flat sea. Our nerves about meeting a tanker were soon tested as we found ourselves on a collision course with a freakin huge one just outside Dartmouth and had to stop to bob over the huuuuge wake it left behind! However, when we actually got to the shipping lanes, all we could see were these huge leviathans on the horizon - who'd have thought our closest encounter would be less than an hour out to sea?! We dealt with a few hairy moments on the crossing - some pretty big rolling waves were hitting us side on for a few hours causing a lot of ... read more
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