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July 29th 2010
Published: July 29th 2010
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Calm seas as we left St Peter Port (I HAVE NONE OF THE ROUGH SEAS, FOR OBVIOUS REASONS!!)
we left Guernsey early and headed for cherbourg. Mike had been warned that the Alderney Races (narrow channel between Alderney and Cap De la Hague notorious for rip tides and dodgy sea) could be difficult and should be negotiated a good way from the headland. He set our course for 8 miles off the coast of France and headed out. Initially the fast flowing tides helped us and sent us flying along at 15.6 knots (Ozzy usually does 8/9 maximum). This speed soon got VERY hairy! just off the headland of Cap De la Hague the rip tides and under currents chopped right up with big waves cioming at us from every direction and throwing the boat all over the place - I won't lie to you, a litle bit of wee came out. It was like riding an out of control rollercoaster and our bow and what felt like most of the rest of the boat left the water comnpletely and crashed down clumsily on several occassions. I held on tight, fastened my lifejacket, shut up completely so Mike could concentrate (that's how scared I was, I didn't even talk!) held on to my st Christopher (thanks Tina and Andy)

Statue of Napoleon at the entrance to the marina in Cherbourg
and said a little prayer along the lines of 'God, If you exist, please get us safely to France'!! Mike kept his cool and headed out to sea and out of danger taking us some 13 miles off the coast before we were safe again - it was nearly as scary as the time we had to get rescued and the half hour - 45 mins we were in trouble felt like bloody ages!! Mike's just told me to stop being over dramatic, but he was definitely papping it as well yesterday! Anyway, we arrived safely into Cherbourg at 12 yesterday. Thois morning we headed out again to get to Honfleur but decided to come back when we spied white horses out to sea... we've got a lot of time so we are staying put til tomorrow when the wind, tide and sea state are calmer. ... the worst bit of the sea voyage is behind us now and we know that Ozzy can handle a lot more than we gave her credit for! This time tomorrow we should be in Honfleur after a smooth crossing round the second headland and across the bay. Today we're exploring Cherbourg and getting

Old Theatre in Cherbourg town
some shopping done! Cherbourg is gorgeous by the way, well worth a visit ... Gorgeous buildings, great food and all very historica nd beautiful :D

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Square rigger we saw off Guernsey, now harboured in Cherbourg - Naval training bost tby the looks of it.

Awesome replica Viking ship ... a bit of Mikey's Heritage here in France!

29th July 2010

Green with envy
Yup thats what i am green with envy I would love to be with you lil' miss pissy pants ;) it sound like you are havinga wonderful time. I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished so far in your journey (not only the boat one but the life one as well) and I can imagine no better man to protect our little Carly than Mike (I bet he was just a little nearvous as well lol ) thanks for keeping us updated babe it's real fun being on your journey with you xxXxx

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