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Europe » Bulgaria » Vidin Province August 13th 2015

Wake up, breakfast, pick up shore passes, onto bus. Hmm, here we go again. Today we have a half day tour visiting the town of Vidin and Belogradchik. We head into the countryside to Belograchik first. This place looks very run down. Lots of deserted factories, etc. in the towns and countryside. Very poor looking country. We get closer to the town and we get a great view from the road in. Huge rock outcrops in some weird looking shapes, the rabbit eating some cabbage, the kissing girls, etc. finally get to the fortress which is built on these rocks. Off we go, we had been told it will be a tough walk. Not wrong. Cobblestones, rock paths then steps. Some of the steps are well formed, others are stones that have worn in lots of ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Vidin Province July 28th 2015

Romanian roads not being the best or the most realiable, we headed out early to Vidin Bulgaria, still hot , still humid!! A trip that should take a little less than 5 hours took us 7 hours. Vidin is a port town on the southern bank of the Danube in the north-western Bulgaria, a good portion of Vidin's town centre is occupied by greenery, and tree lined streets. Even though it is beautiful, the town centre itself gives you a feeling that it is mostly abondoned , and that the rest of Bulgaria has forgotten this little corner.... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Vidin Province April 21st 2015

Arrived in Bulgaria in the middle of the night, (Country #52) and had a bad sleep so when my alarm went off I felt like I had to swim to the surface of my consciousness just to turn my alarm clock off. Which for those of you who know - I am one of those annoying morning people so I really struggled with that. I fell asleep on route (we left at 08:30) as we had a one hour drive outside of Vidin (where we were docked), to head to the town of Belogradchik (pronounced like it looks - belo-grad-chik) We got to have a quick stop after our drive for coffee and some traditional snacks. We had a sweet and savory treat; the sweet was super yummy, like a tiny rolled cookie with light pastry ... read more
Celebrating Tourist Season

Europe » Bulgaria » Vidin Province » Vidin May 10th 2013

Vidin, Bulgaria The “port” of Vidin is a good example of the failure of communist concrete. The Romans perfected concrete construction 2,000 years ago, but when the communists in Eastern Europe decided to construct concrete apartment structures and office buildings they apparently failed to read the recipe correctly. Not only are the buildings drab but the concrete used is crumbling and what little rebar was used is exposed and rusted. The port facility here is no exception. It looks like it has been bombed but it is only because the concrete structure is crumbling. This is something I found repeated all across the Balkans. We talked about this on the Kleine Prinz and we agreed that it must have something to do with using “dirty” sand from the bottom of the Danube. I saw ... read more
Jewish Synogogue
Baba Vida fortress

Europe » Bulgaria » Vidin Province » Vidin August 21st 2010

Day 5-Sinaia, Romania to Ruse, Bulgaria 8/21/10 I guess I will only report the weather when it is not perfect. Our forecast has been ‘chance of rain’ most days but ideal in reality. Let’s hope it stays that way. Editorial note: I just realized that I uploaded all the photos of the day rather than just the ones that I chose to upload. so, you will have to see the good and bad. Maybe even see duplicates. Sorry but I don't have time to edit. I'm in a restaurant with wi-fi and time is running out to get back to the boat. This was a moving day. This means we packed the suitcases and left them outside our rooms in the morning as we went down to breakfast. The plan was to return to Bucharest to ... read more
Sinaia Monastery
Sinaia Monastery
Sinaia Monastery

Europe » Bulgaria » Vidin Province » Vidin August 28th 2008

Hi Leute, nur eine kurze Zwischenmeldung: Mein morgendlicher Stoßdämpferfang war äußerst erfolgreich und wir machen uns jetzt auf den langen Weg nach Istanbul. Gute Fahrt alseits! Joschka... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Vidin Province » Vidin August 27th 2008

Nunja, ganz ohne zum Glück nicht, dass muss ich eingestehen, aber drei ist nun mal einer weniger als vier, oder ist weniger oft mehr? Hm. Wie dem auch sei - der Tag begann um 7 Uhr in der Früh auf einem Zeltplatz. Ich war heute als erster an der Reihe mit Fahren. Durfte bis zur serbischen Grenze tuckern. Nach diversen Bergpässen und Serpentinen, wo alle fünf Kilometer eine Baustelle kam und damit eine Fahrbahnseite gesperrt war, kamen wir auch an dieser Grenze an. Erste Idee: Wir sparen uns die Fähre und fahren 70 km in Serbien. Nachdem wir die Rumänische Grenze passiert hatten und merkten, dass auf der serbischen Seite dutzende Autos anstanden und es wohl Stunden dauern würde, Idee zwei: Joschka geht rüber, bekommt unbedingt seinen Stempel und wir kehren um und nehmen doch die ... read more
Deutscher Terrorist
Auf dem Kutter

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