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July 16th 2018
Published: September 15th 2018
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7-16-18 Monday. Vidin, Bulgaria. Afternoon arrival. The main attraction here is the large well-preserved Baba Vida medieval fortress on the River Danube. After a tour of the fortress the group walked by the shell of a large ruined Romanesque synagogue en route to a nearby small mosque which is across the street from a Christian religious organization.. Inside the mosque we were introduced to the imam who was very enlightened about the need for different religious groups to live in harmony. His mosque interacts with the local church in social functions and the two groups have cordial relations. There is no longer a Jewish community there but Jews from elsewhere are planning to restore the synagogue and turn it into a museum. Later in the afternoon a local group of school children from an English speaking club came aboard the boat in traditional costumes and sang a few songs before practicing their English on us. Then Simon rested on the boat while I walked around the town photographing the local art and architecture. After dinner a dance troupe, also in local traditional costume, impressed us with their almost acrobatic skills. In the evening Simon had severe abdominal pain and our guide Sofie arranged for a doctor to come to the boat. The doc suggested a visit to the local ER. We rode in an ambulance and were seen right away by a doctor who palpated Simon’s abdomen (which included a sharp jab) and after his permission injected him with an anti-inflammatory drug. His pain shortly subsided. The doctor asked “do you need documentation for this?” I replied, “yes, I will need it for the insurance reimbursement.” She said “oh, there is no charge, it was an emergency.” Bulgaria has socialized medicine. Doctor’s house call, ambulance ride, emergency room doctor, drug injection, and all we paid for was the taxi ride back to the boat.

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15th September 2018

socialized medicine
When I took sick in London, after a trip to Kenya and Tanzania, I spent 5 days in the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, where they did every possible test and took good care of me. No charge if you get sick in Britain. But you can't get this benefit if you travel sick to the empire. So nice when countries extend their free medical care to guests. I hope Simon got better after the anti-inflammatory and hasn't experienced the same symptoms. xo Sandy
17th September 2018

How is Simon now?
Max and I are so happy you two were able to finish the trip and we got to know you better. Praying for Simon's health.
22nd September 2018

Simon's health
Shara, Simon is doing about the same as when we were on the cruise. The only change is that he is now taking his opioids on a regular schedule rather than waiting for symptoms. He still tires easily but we are still active. We cancelled our trip to Colorado but are going on a week long coastal cruise to Vancouver on October 5 since that will be less demanding. Thanks for asking. How are you two doing? You were a pleasure to travel with. All the best, William
2nd November 2018

Simon's health
Simon continues to be mostly okay. Still has occasional periods of fatigue when he sleeps a lot, some brief periods feeling sick, but still getting things done. We had the nice one week coastal cruise a few weeks ago and are leaving Monday for Florida and then the cruise through the Caribbean and up the Amazon to Manaus.
2nd November 2018

fo asking. I hope you two are well!
2nd February 2019

Your pictures took Paul and I back to Vidin. Thanks Hope all is well with the 2 of you
5th February 2019

Maryann, Every time I work on the photos I get to relive the trip. I'm glad that it does that for you two. Simon's health is not good but he's gotten a little better lately.
5th February 2019

Response Feb 4, 2019
My fingers are crossed and prayers said for Simon's health. I remember my days of chemo and cancer. It took up 95% of my energy. Can't wait for your next city post.

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