Trip to Bulgaria

Published: July 27th 2014
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A 3-day trip through Bulgaria.

The first day was a short drive to Veliko Tarnovo, with a few interesting stops on the way. After drinking coffee in Ruse, the first stop was at the Basarbovo rock churches, followed by the Ivanovo rock churches, the Orlova Chuka Cave and Nicopolis ad Istrum.

Ruse is not a very interesting city, but it is quite cheap.

The churches were not very impressive, but the views were beautiful. Didn't spend much time in the reservation at Ivanovo, but it was beautiful anyway.

The cave was indeed something to see. It is very different from the other caves I had seen before. A must was the guide's story, which was only presented in Bulgarian. However, I had the chance to hear part of his stories translated by a very nice guy who was also visiting the cave with his family.

Nicopolis ad Istrum used to be a quite large castrum and is now very well taken care of.

Finally, because the 24th of May is a national holiday (saints Kyril and Methodius), there was a light show in Veliko. The atmosphere it created, with its projections and music, was pretty good indeed.

The next day I drove to Sofia and visited the city. It is not very impressive and there's not so much to do around there. However, the route was nice.

The return trip meant driving from Sofia to Bucharest via Veliko. I managed to get lost when exiting Sofia and spent around 45 minutes trying to figure out which way to go... After this problem was solved, I had very bad weather on the highway, with lots and lots of rain. The rest was fine and overall I enjoyed the trip a lot.

Total distance: 828 km.

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