Drinking Rakia in Veliko Tarnavo, Bulgaria

Published: July 30th 2006
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I was not a true Bulgarian until I reached Veliko Tarnavo and developed a taste for the fine 'Rakia' (grapa)... until now I was not much of a fan, but together with my fine Swiss company... it was a whole new experience. Since returning to my grandparents' home, I cannot get used to my grandfather hiding the Rakia from me... he's not used to his grand daughter asking for seconds and thirds.... but I know his hiding place, he he!!

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The Fun Starts Here....... Cheers!The Fun Starts Here....... Cheers!
The Fun Starts Here....... Cheers!

...or Nazdrave! (to health) From the left: Jeremy, me and Beat, we polished off quite a bit of Rakia that day. Very fine! As they say around here... 'One Rakia a day, keeps the Doctor away'.

Taken in the courtyard of our hotel in Arbanasi.
Veliko Tarnavo 03Veliko Tarnavo 03
Veliko Tarnavo 03

Tzarevetz Fortress, where the Tzar (king) was once based during the rule of the Second Bulgarian Empire in the 11th - 13th centuries.
Arbanasi 01Arbanasi 01
Arbanasi 01

Hey Jerry, where's Tom ??? ha ha, got ya!
Arbanasi 06Arbanasi 06
Arbanasi 06

Timber gate detail
Arbanasi 07Arbanasi 07
Arbanasi 07

The horseshoe... a symbol of good luck, often hung on the front gate of a house.
Tzarevetz Hill, church interior 02Tzarevetz Hill, church interior 02
Tzarevetz Hill, church interior 02

This place exists more as a museum than a church, its interior is beautifully painted by the Bulgarian artist 'Theofan Sokerov'.
Tzarevetz Hill, church interior 03Tzarevetz Hill, church interior 03
Tzarevetz Hill, church interior 03

Art by 'Theofan Sokerov'
Tzarevetz Hill, church interior 04Tzarevetz Hill, church interior 04
Tzarevetz Hill, church interior 04

Art by 'Theofan Sokerov'
Tzarevetz Hill, church interior 05Tzarevetz Hill, church interior 05
Tzarevetz Hill, church interior 05

Art by 'Theofan Sokerov'

18th August 2006

How interesting
Who would have known that I would see this strange young Swiss man Beat in Aussie land Melbourne just a couple of weeks after you. What isn't strange is that you are drinking loads of Rakia Zoe. I'm sure you'll be drinking much grappa in Italy and plenty of beera when you get back to Australia.

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