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July 29th 2004
Published: July 29th 2004
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Varna CathedralVarna CathedralVarna Cathedral

Taken at dusk
Sometimes when arriving in a city you just don't like it, you can't say why but it just has an uneasy feeling to it. Varna was like this for me, maybe it was the rain that greeted us, or the hassle from taxi drivers and money changers on the streets, or maybe it was just too busy for us.

We found a small apartment (bedsit) for 32 leva per night, a little away from the center. We had taken it for 3 nights based on photos, after not having much luck finding alternatives. The initial veneer of the flat quickly wore off, the door to the building banged really loudly, and the bed was really uncomfortable - meaning sleep was difficult. Moral of the story - always take a look at a room if you can.

I didn't really like the city of Varna - but it was interesting and we saw and did some good things:

Walked along the beach really touristy, lots of cafes - so many it was almost impossible to get on to the sand.
Walked in the nice coastal park, watched Bulgarian karate kids and giant dogs copulating (really enormous dogs some
Derelict BuildingDerelict BuildingDerelict Building

One of the many buildings that can be seen in the city center.
kind of wolf hound. The owners of the dogs were obviously trying to breed them, but in a public place, am I a prude?)
The dolphinarium (Bulgarian - Delphinarium) our most expensive activity in our whole trip. 40mins watching talented dolphins (or talented trainers) doing things to entertain the audience. Back flips, bouncing balls, basketball. The most impressive was one dolphin doing the moon walk on water. Still undecided on my moral position on this, how different is it really to the dancing bear that I saw on the streets? One I instantly decided was cruel and the other I paid 16 leva to watch.
Archeoogical Museum and Roman Thermae - Fantaaastic - see my seperate entry on this, so much to write about there.
The Stone Forest - another seperate entry - 16km from Varna one of the strangest geological phenoma in this region.
Aldajza - 16km North in Golden Sands is a little rock monestarry tucked away in the hills overlooking the sea, worth a trip, I've added a photo or two.

In summary Varna is a great place to do things, but I found I was much more interested in the history and sites of Varna,
Aladza MonestaryAladza MonestaryAladza Monestary

Near the Golden Sands resort the Aladza Monestary was literally carved out of the rock. It's open and you can wander around.
from when it was known as Odessa, but the todays Varna wasn't as appealing to me.

Additional photos below
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Flying DolphinsFlying Dolphins
Flying Dolphins

At the Varna Delphinarium

27th January 2005

Hello Ali!
Hi Ali, just came across this site 10 minutes ago. It is amazing. Nick and I are spending July in Bulgaria so I looked that up first and then found you in the Bloggers. I am in awe of what you are achieving and am sat here really enjoying reading your logs. Thank you for sharing your travels. I am going to sit now and continue reading all 140! Thanks for the inspiration Best wishes, Abi - Abi
30th September 2005

Varna - the best city!!!
Just want to say that I love Varna, I love everything about this amazing city, that I kept going there for every summer holiday. This summer I have bought a property in Varna as I love this fantastic city and want to move there and enjoy my life.
27th November 2005

I love the people of Bulgaria, and Varna specifically
I was there last Sept.2005. I have stayed with my girfriend she is from Varna, I'm from United States and from a sunny states with a big ocean and beaches I loved the city, the people, the hospitality of the very friendly local that I have talked to , exchanged ideas with and had a great time. If wone day I would to leave United States I know where I would like to go and live and be very very happy. Life in Varna is beautiful the people are great if you really talk to them closely and visit their homes. My wish is to go there and live for the rest of my life.
27th July 2006

Hi there!!!
Hi! Very Nice blog and I can se you enjoyed quite well our trip to Bulgaria!! We are Franco-Bulgarian couple and we could advice you quite well on a next trip to Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Bulgaria... Of course about Cuba too as we just spent two years there.... And, soon also about Spain as we move there!!!.... So... Go an visit this blog And do not hesitate to contact us if you wish! See you Nicolas and Nora PS : We will be Varna from the 2nd of August
15th November 2006

Ignore him Ali
I think your going about this just fine... No-one can doubt the experiences you have seen and done have been amazing. It is a bit disappointing that you missed an old museum, but hey there are thousands across the globe - maybe next time ;) As for the beer festival, if this chap/chapess knows the UK as they claim then they would know we love a tipple or two. I'm sure you would have been there if you could have. Keep traveling and keep doing it Ali stylie! It the way to go. Good luck James B
31st March 2008

Correction in Language
"The dolphinarium (Bulgarian - Delphinarium) our most expensive activity in our whole trip." The word Delphinarium is for sure not Bulgarian .... but Greek. Anyone with some basic knowledge would know that .... Varna is great for pleasure, relaxation and business.
1st April 2008

Thanks for the correction....
You shouldn't be so pompous about it though - I'll let karma sort it out.

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