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April 18th 2011
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Woke up early this morning to a bunch of rowdy Brits who had apparently had quite the drunken, debaucherous night. One guy had visited a prostitute, but seemed embarrassed enough about it that he didn't want it discussed while I was in the room. However, the second I was not visible in the shower room, though very well within hearing, he spilled. Apparently, it cost about 100 Euro and he wasn't on his A game...his friends joked the second he was out of the room that she kicked him out the second he was done, and he was sad they didn't get to cuddle. So cute! The funniest thing was just how much shame he felt about it, he made each of his friends swear that they wouldn't tell a soul and mentioned that they weren't likely to be angels on the trip either. Then, they seemed to settle down a bit, well everything but their butts...those were some of the fartiest boys ever!!

I quickly packed up my stuff and got out of there. I walked to the bus station to book my ticket for the 7PM bus going to Ohrid. It cost 48 Leva, plus 1 leva for my luggage (.50 Euro to the 1 Leva). Then, I walked past all of the historical sights to see and took pics. On my way, behind the mosque, I found a great little artist. Some of the stuff was pretty normal, but he had these cool gold, 3-D pics that were made from recycled stuff. They were pretty cool, so I bought a couple for my friends in Albania. I got the contact info for Dacho and Alex just in case, I want to buy some more later.

I walked on to see the Aleksander Nevski church, which def looked Russian. I went in and took some pics, though I felt a little guilty because it was obviously a working church. I bought a candle for 1 leva and lit it offering a little prayer for my friends and family. Then, after a 4 hour tour, I walked back to the hostel and started posting on the blog. I guess two days in Sofia were really more than enough. It's a bit odd to think that Buldgaria is in the European Union when Sofia isn't even as built up as Tirana, Albania. I was a little surprised by just how built up Tirana seems in comparison. Though, I will say that bulgarians do seem to function with more strict order than what occurs in Albania. This may have something to do with their admittance into the EU...still a bit of a puzzle.


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