Sofia, Bulgaria - Susprisingly Good!

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20th February 2008

very good
dont forget the heavy treffic too!
20th February 2008

almost true
Yes, all that is true, but I don't agree that the real face of Bulgaria shows in the Women's Market, because a lot of turkish ang gypsy people work there:-)And the atmosphere is more like Turkey.
21st February 2008

pretty much how it is
traffic is getting pretty nasty these days- yes EXTRA caution with taxi cabs - believe me it is even worse in Romania ;) - best thing is maybe asking some random people how much it could possibly be the cost of your trip and then ask the drivers - seemed to work in Bucharest (Romania). Careful with pickpockets around the central train and bus station (one next to the other) lots of gypsies there and even on the public transport. low cost companies are already taking over (English guy a met last week was here for Saturday night only and his tickets was 21.5 GBP round trip!!) everything is growing more and more expensive ( EU is kicking in) the only thing that i would have to disagree is that the Women's market is the real Bulgaria...or maybe it is .. and i just dont want to accept that cuz im from around here... who knows.. open fruit/veggie market are quite common for sure but the women's market pretty much looks like a Turkish market in the Netherlands or something..:) quite of an review though!
21st February 2008

be more positive
I read the trip of the I subject and Angela. I do agree with the comments above that Woman`s market is not the real face of Bulgaria, because there u will find hardly bulgarian. About the cheat of the taxi driver, i just want to say that on the airport there is organized group of people who try to cheat the landing forigners and Angela and him had met just a man from the group who sent them to the wrong taxi. There is official taxi station and u must read where it is, but it is of the taxis OK Supertrans. As a whole i liked the article, but i didn`t like this wanting to be superior as a person who may judge. It is like he came in Bulgaria with the idea to find smth not good, to criticize and i m sure that there are things in his country which are not so good also and if i go there i can criticize too.
25th February 2008

I am almost agree, but not exactly. Yes, we still have a lot of traffic, we do have an old buildings and lot of construction within the city. But it is one of the most interesting cities. WE have a lot of tourists and walking the main shopping street you'll hear more often a foreign speach than bulgarian. Lot of Japanies, Italians, Greeks, Americans, etc. And it is normal to see prists on the main street as there is the metropolis of the Bulgarian orthodox Church. There are lot of churches and chapals from Roman centiries, lot of old and entient buildings and rouins. I really like the capital. Also it is really expencive, not cheep at all, especially in the center. But it is not the most beautifil place in Bulgaria - it is just the heart. We have amazing mountain and sea resorts - brilliant for at any season. Also have a small towns in the heart of the mountains mostly with amazing athmosphere - like Melnik - one of the wine produsing places. Hope it will help you to figure out at least a little what kind of place is Bulgaria. We are very open and friendly people, well educated and ambutious, especially the young ones.
11th July 2013

my first trip to Bulgaria
This was my first trip to Bulgaria. It is a fantastic country! There is something for everyone, the people are friendly, and the food was great. I have no reservations with recommending it to anyone as a destination.Sofia is a safe city. And Car Rental service at Sofia airport

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