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September 18th 2009
Published: September 18th 2009
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I hope you enjoyed the few photos that I loaded last time.There are lots more but it will have to wait till I can acess broadband speed .Probably Sam's. Still I now have a computer with an intact battery which means I can also access free wifi outlets at stores and cafes in Dobrich and Varna.! I also am using the printer scanner Sam and Stu purchased here (many thanks).Already it has enabled me to print off all the ferry bookings for Dec/Jan at home!I will be leaving here on the 28th afternoon Nov and all being well will catch the 14.01 sailing to Dover from Dunkirkon 1st Dec.Then make my way steadily up towards the Wirral where I hope to spend some time with Joan and Den.(2nd Dec).Catch the ferry to Belfast from Birkenhead on 3rd at 10.30 am.Again all being well I will be off the boat and travelling to Carrickfergus by about 18.30.Have treated myself to a cabin berth both ways(returning on 2nd Jan) so no expense spared!!Having said that I have got really good deals getting all ferries paid for 320 pounds!Cheaper than last year's flights and no 30 hrs spent killing time in an airport.Hopefully no
relaxing in stylerelaxing in stylerelaxing in style

Upmarket option
disasters in Roumania or elsewhere.Repition of Junes trips(without the torrential storms) would be ideal.A little snow would be no problem.More likely to be releavant in Jan(after past years) and Meta is prepared to accept flexible return.Probably6th jan- no problem experienced.One problem I did experience here a few days ago is (whilst using the frozen bottle trip to survive the heat on journeys)the top of one was not on correctly and when I got to Dobrich the phone in the same pocket was soaking wet.Got home and dried everything then tried to charge joy so today I went to Globul re problem.Eventually I bought a new phone as sim was ok and face of the other was so terribly scratched I could hardly read it so the offered repair seemed a waste of money.Great I thought now I can use my free mins. again.Unfortunately numbers were saved to phone not sim!!Another stupid error - but no problem with eng free ones,only bulgarian global contacts . Next step to be negotiated is to try and get a quote from the builder ,for alterations to my house this autumn, soon so I can arrange the money from my investements Ha Ha!Should not all have dissapeared in the recession I hope.Meta is no worse though not much improved either following her last trip to an alternative medicine doctor,Georgie continues to have problems with his back but carries on 'farming' as do I.At night somedays their house seems like a hospital as now the youngest grandchild staying with them (asthma sufferer) has bronchitis.So conversation tends to be interspersed with harsh coughing or back bad ,head bad(Meta) heart going 'loop,loop'(meta) shoulders bad, arms bad ( me and Georgie)etc! Still fortunately for their sanity the 4 kids are all departing now on or around the 25th.So much for one months babysitting and then other grannie.5mths later she is still looking after them because the other Grannie is bad!Not on.Well that's about all. Walnut collecting has now replaced the rakia fruit collecting and so far only the kids and G have ended up with black hands.Impossible to avoid if you're taking off outer green skin!Last year I also sufered but at that time there were no kids there to help.The only upside of having them I suppose.School has started here but they can't go till parents return to their area. Hence dragging them in to helping. Blogs coming thick and fast now just realised.Must be the convenience of a computer in your lounge! Looking forward to seeing more people this year at Xmas. Bye now,Supergran.Back again with some of the more recent photos.

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at the rakia stillat the rakia still
at the rakia still

Georgie supervising distillation
What is it?What is it?
What is it?

If anyone can tell me what this is I will be greatful.So far squirrel or chipmunk have been suggested but I'm not convinced.

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