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February 23rd 2010
Published: April 25th 2010
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Sofia seemed ok and the hotel looked…..quite posh! Sadly, even posh hôtels have sh*t rooms and this place, the Park Hotel Moskva, was no exception. We even had yellow water to wash and shower in!!! Still, at least the views were good…ish up on the 15th floor.

As we were only here for the one night a couple of us decided to venture into the city for a meal with Anne and her brother, Thomas, who kindly gave us a quick tour of the city by night before settling down for food and a nice cigar (my first ever!) The city looked amazing at night and after our rather delicious meal we header to some bar for a few drinks. My usual was the order of the day so i sank a couple of jacks. After much chewing of the fat we asked for the bill only to find they had charged me fr doubles!!! WTF?? After ,much arguing with the barmaid she claimed that id asked for doubles, which of course i hadn’t. Then another came over, then some big dude but all were told the same thing……i didn’t ask for doubles so you shouldn’t have given
me doubles. I paid for singles then left the bar. A sour end to an otherwise great evening.

After literally no sleep we took a tour of the city with a local guide called Bobbi. He was quite obviously passionate about his country and it was great to see.

I loved Plovdiv - this place now holds a special place in my heart for a number of reasons….again, another place that stirred the usual feelings of not really liking the place until reaching our hostel, exploring a bit then think ing that i really like this place!

We were staying within the old city and therefore much of it was really beautiful and therefore i booed to join the tour of the city but missed it due to my lunch at a local cafe being late. I had to eat as i was starving and so i missed the tour. This gave me more time to myself to relax, explore the city on my own and try and write some more of this blog.

Unfortunately for me and my room mates, my stomach isn’t feeling too good and is bubbling and turning, perhaps due
to the dodgy water or the pork ribs that id eaten earlier?? Who knows, so a night on the coke instead of beer is in order….

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