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"Message in the bottle Message in the bottle Message in the bottle Message in the bottle" The Police 19 juillet Je quitte Sofia ce matin pour rejoindre encore une fois le monastere de Rila. Je dois y rencontrer les belge du trek pour recuperer du materiel laisse dans la chic voiture louee avant le depart vers les sommets. Ca me va. Ca me permettre de visiter plus en profondeur le monastere que je n'ai qu'apercu au depart du trek. Je me retrouve donc colle sur un timide polonais dans une mini-van bourre de touristes qu'organise l'Hostel Mostel de Sofia. Le conducteur roule vite et l'air est lourd dans la voiture. Le long de l'autoroute, des blocs appartements vieillots gardent en memoire l'epoque passee. Ce sont des blocs communistes. ... Impossible de ne pas s'ecraser et s'endormir ... read more
Blocs communistes
Les hirondelles de Rila
Priest Rila

Europe » Bulgaria » Kyustendil Province » Rila Monastery September 24th 2008

OK day 1 Sofia wasn't really spent in Sofia, but instead about 120 kms south in the Rila Mountains at the 'Jerusalem' of Bulgaria, the Rila Monastery. 3 of us piled into a taxi for the 4 hour round trip on a grey morning, but as we drove out of Sofia and headed south the sun came out, well for a while before the mountain fog closed in. One minute you are enjoying the countryside in sunshine then you crest a hill and you can barely see the road. Luckily that didn't last and after an hour or so we could see the Rila Mountains rising in the distance. The drive up to the Monastry is through heavily forested hills - Autumn is on it's way, but it hasn't made it to Rila yet so the ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Kyustendil Province » Rila Monastery February 16th 2007

The overpowering odor of BO smacked me in the face after leaving Istanbul. Lucky to have the bus seat to myself, a tiny girl watched me for a while before visiting my seat to scribble in my journal. We stopped at the Turkish-Bulgarian border and waited to pass out of Turkey. On the Bulgarian border, there were five identical duty free shops. The people on the bus raced for the shops: it wasn't shopping; it was BUYING. I walked into one shop and a man from my bus demanded my passport. He handed it to the clerk, where they recorded the number, and the man ordered 9 cartons of cigarettes. Nine CARTONS! Why would they want my passport in a duty free store? Because there is a QUOTA per person when buying cigarettes and alcohol. ... read more
No snowballs in the camera!
Monastery in the snow

the day started out a bit earlier than normal since we had to be ready @ 9:30 for our excursion to Rila, a bit to the south and in a more mountainy area. we decided that we needed to pick out something "monasterical" to wear there, and so started the day's joke. there were 5 of us, but we split into 2 and 3 since we were taking taxis there, even though it was like a 2 hour ride each way. kasia and i ended up with steve, this guy from melbourne. he just finished working on a cruise ship in turkey for a few months and is just traveling. that's pretty frickin' cool. the car ride was "warm" to say the least, and we certainly got a taste of the best of bulgarian driving. my ... read more

Went to Rila monastry for a day trip from Sofia, the drive there was priddy interesting id never seen so many dogs as road kill on the one stretch of road..Rila Monastry was nice but i expected there to be monks wonderin around and not a large amount of tourists there, the surrounding area was nice aswell...after spendin about 2 hours there we went back to Sofia. the hostel had organises a driver to take people there and back for 15euro because apparently its alot easier then catchin the public transport there.. ... read more
monks living quarters
the mountains

After a few days in the bustle of Sophia we headed south to the Rila Monestary. Famed world wide for its beauty and tranquility. The slow journey by bus from Dupnitsa yielded successively more impressive views until we arrived. We wandered around briefly, it is such a beautiful place, why so many police? We couldn't stay too long as we needed to find a camp site. About 1.2km along the only road into the mountains is the Bor Camp site. Again the setting is beautiful, and on a friday evening we were one of about 3 tents, we set the tent in the middle of a meadowy area. Apart from a dog the decided to guard our tent during the night it was peaceful and comfortable. I woke early went to the monestary and wandered around ... read more
Rila Monestary
River Rilska

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