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September 7th 2011
Published: September 6th 2011
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Attacking C's tuggie
It's the witching hour,ie when electricity is that bit cheaper. Had a lovely skype session with Sam and a conference session with Sven ,Sam and(briefly) Stu. A new first for us.No videos but sound.Eerie!
With respect to the harvesting everything is going well and now have peppers,aubergine and corn in the freezer.Also Jack and Aaron! lots of meat for winter.
I have now met and got friendly with Eamon and Joe Dalrymple who have a house 2 'blocks' over as the americans would say. Joe first contacted me on my blog site and they have been great. Slotted in well to G+M and Eamon's Scots wig/hat went down a treat!(G's birthday evening celebrations.)As a result G got to work clearing the grounds round their site and completing structural repairs. Good for both - reliable workers and money in the pocket.
The pool sprung leaks and got (mostly) mended then suffered an attack of sand(carried on the wind) causing a revolting brown colour. As it coincided with a torrential downpour the ground was too wet to empty and clean it for 2 days.Now back in action thank god. Unfortunately I have had little time to relax in it after the arrival of
Looking at you Looking at you Looking at you

Smudge discovers the garden
Mishu and family from Italy after 2 years absence. Coupled with ongoing plum collection,hospital visits and other running problems with associated properties,the time for relaxation has diminished. However found time to book ferries for December so that's another tick on the lengthy lists. The weather continues to be scorching - too hot for sunbathing at midday so have fallen into the habit of resting between 11.30 and 3.00 pm. Work goes on either side. Latest idea is using the lilo in the pool.Now I can slosh water over me from time to time without getting off the sunbed to dip in the pool.GREAT! So life goes on.Only downside is insect bites and swollen feet from driving a lot in the heat. However this is improved by sunhat(directional sun blocking at all times of day )and top off + bikini,(whilst driving.) + copious cold/chilled bottles of water. Guess that's about it, except to say that Chocky and Smudge are great friends and Bottie can just about tolerate her.

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Bottie and SmudgeBottie and Smudge
Bottie and Smudge

First sighting on terrace

Shared sleeping accomodation(lounge)
Edible cornEdible corn
Edible corn

Sweetcorn ready for freezing.
Pool repairPool repair
Pool repair

Size of patches

Sand dirtied pool.
Road opposite houseRoad opposite house
Road opposite house

Showing run off and mud deposits
Checking the styleChecking the style
Checking the style

G fixes Eamon's wigt and hat.

Final result.

'Cliffs' left behind on river bank
Grand canyonGrand canyon
Grand canyon

Wrong colour but everything else is reminiscent including layered sands

Frog lagoon but few frogs then

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