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Europe » Bulgaria » East July 11th 2015

Sozipol on the Black Sea From Plovdiv towards the Black Sea the Bulgarian roads, agricultural vista and general scenery continue in the same pleasing tone as the Sofia to Plovdiv journey. It is a stark contrast to the south western part of Bulgaria. However some towns away from the highway tell - through their run down housing, neglected local infrastructure and sad old people - their tale of Soviet colonialism. In these old towns men gather in the mornings for a heart starter and sit all day. Women sit outside their houses looking blankly at the road. The bigger cities have their old soviet built apartment blocks to provide perpetual visual poverty. Along the main highway we see the harvesting of abundant grain crops as a sign of new wealth for farming in Bulgaria. Then on ... read more
Bulgaria Camp nr Burgas on Black Sea 063 (3)
Bulgaria Camp nr Burgas on Black Sea 063 (1)
Fortess Ruins 6th Centurey AD Bulgaria Old Town Sozipol (13)

Europe » Bulgaria » East August 21st 2011

It isn’t the Bulgarians but the tourists that come here that made me feel unwanted. Arriving on the 2nd week of August, the summer crowds along the Black Sea was at its peak. An eclectic mix of race coming from all over Europe but it was the tourists from the Russian area that continued my stories of them verbally assaulting me. My first night out at Sunny Beach I was told to “F**k off foreigner! Don’t look at me.” I wasn’t looking at him, in fact I was looking the other way and standing outside a shop with others. So I replied back “Than why are you speaking English?” The next day as I was casually walking along the shore of the beach when some tough guy with two of his friends didn’t like my tan, ... read more
2 - Russian Church Sophia
3 - Alexander Nevski Cathedral
4 - Markus Becker the German bar in Golden Sands

Europe » Bulgaria » East July 11th 2011

.It's now July and since my last blog I have had a wonderful 4 weeks in Cornwall visiting dear friends.Mine hosts have enough problems currently to cope with but still managed to survive my visit.,they even said I'd been a great help.Only one days hot solid sun in that time, but mostly I wanted to use the stay to see people, so that was my day to the beach(Fisherman's). I got to know and enjoy a new friend(the widow of Danny who was terminally ill last year but soldiered on till 2 days before I arrived) .I was therefore able to say good bye again finally and I felt priviledged to be there and subsequently meet up with Wendy for a nice walk in the countryside.I spent 3/4 day in St.Ives and 4 visits to Eden ... read more
Storm abating
Light ahead
Quickly dissapeared

Europe » Bulgaria » East May 13th 2011

Not sure about the new format but here goes! The weather continued to be unusually cold and dull with just a few days of sun(unlike february).Thought we might have 'peaked' early however now back on course for normal sunny weather.Having planted field corn and pumpkin seeds it was a shock to have exceptionally heavy rain,thunder and lightning causing land slip of top soil to bottim of field. the next day Hoping the seeds were buried low enough to survive. Gains and losses have been had namely the birth and then loss at 6 weeks of a male lamb and a male kid,born 30/4 and named Aaron. Brett and Kathy were over for easter and the cooler weather suited them ideally.We had a great time and I think Brett managed to relax a bit after his heavy ... read more
Mum with Marco(now deceased)
Home alone
Marco and friends

Europe » Bulgaria » East March 10th 2011

It seems a much shorter time in my mind since I last wrote. The weeks have flown bye with a frenzy of paperwork,taxes,bills,providing transport for the numerous visits to various hospitals in connection with M's attempt to get a bigger pension.Many visits later the result proved dissapointingly stupid.Under the illness scheme she would be entitled to 28Lv less! The house is now fronted by a partially replaced fence but Chocky still finds places to get out in the grounds! So a lot of the time he is on his lead or on the terrace,gated in.The 3rd spell of snow is lingering although the last lot was wet,good for snowballs but not walking.With 2 visits back and forwards to M+G each day,I have been very glad of my Xmas present crampons.Only 2 minor falls as a result.The ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 16

Europe » Bulgaria » East January 5th 2011

A brief overview of the rest of the trip... read more
Stu Sven and Clare
Suzanne ,Kaitlyn and Kiera
Afternoon tea!

Europe » Bulgaria » East December 6th 2010

6th December. Off to lunch with G+M before leaving at 3 and making for Dragoman where I will spend the first night.Early on 7th I will travel across Serbia,Hungary on to Merche services(near Vienna) 2nd night/sleep. I hope if things are still going smoothly to pay a brief visit to Wels before traveling on to Germany,Belgium and France to catch the 2am boat from Dunkirk. At least that is the proposed itinerary. Weather may be akward but so far only Austria is expecting light snow and there will be rain in Serbia and Hungary. By biggest challenge this year may prove to be the UK we will see.Signing off now to complete last minute chores.More news when there is any.Supergran. Well now in maidstone services having caught the boat before the freebie courteousy of Norfolk Line.Was ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » East November 23rd 2010

From my last entry not much of note has happened .We have been working to clear the land and plough,sort, remove vegetation and burn it. All the Rakia is laid down( minus what has already gone down the throats!) Meta developed a bad virus briinging on so heavy an asthma attack that she was hospitalised for 4 days - causing a lot of travelling. Somewhere along the way I had wrenched my left arm and then the right started to ache as I used it more often to protect the other!!Now permanent pain some time or other during the day but learning how to cause it to abate sufficiently to continue the day's activities. The weather has been wonderful with lots of sun and little rain or low night temperatures. The car has been serviced and ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » East September 25th 2010

So to start with Albena we had a lovely day. We passed through Meta's village of origin and spent time with the sister now living in the family home. Then I got to ride on the train to and from the beach. M+G settled into the lifestyle Meta even donning her new shorts and going in the water G rarely out of it! We also had the shish special with free beer and chips, that Sam and I had on the 2nd visit ,and then I went to complete my shopping whilst they returned to the beach beds.So unfortunately I missed M in the sea but came back to see the effects of a dunking . G then went back to sea to rinse out shorts which were covered with sand. The next step was to ... read more
glass of beer-
Meta and the bed
Packing up to go home

Europe » Bulgaria » East September 16th 2010

Well time for the next update.All the walls have been repointed with the old type of mortar and look very regal.Albena(2 visits) was great.At times now cheaper than Varna(opposite of last year),weather brilliant and beach beds with a matress makeall the difference.Among highlights were a meal and cocktails on the first day and same restaurant on 2nd night but with the promotional mixed chicken and pork skewer and free beer and chips. Topped off with a Raffy's ice cream the first night and a visit to the circus the 2nd. Plus lot's of pressies bought by the kid's to take home. Nessebur was ok but we really wanted to go to the water park and found ourselves at the one in Sunny beach.later on the way to Sozopol we saw the correct one which was further ... read more
Sam and Stu albena

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